Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

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Error codes are a valuable tool to help diagnose your washing machine problems. 

See a range of Hoover washing machine error codes explained here…

Hoover washing machine error codes


The problems here are typically related to the door lock. This could be the actual lock mechanism, faulty wiring, or the connection to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that controls all of the electrical functions.


Error E02 Hoover washing machine code indicates that your appliance is unable to fill. Components that may be at fault here are water inlet valves or the fill hose which may be blocked. The water supply can also cause this problem which results in the limit time for filling being exceeded.


Hoover washing machine E03 error code will show when there’s a drainage problem. This is most likely to be an obstruction somewhere in the system or a fault with the pump. This results in the drain phase lasting for longer than three minutes causing this error code to display.


When a leak has been detected this error code will display. This could be due to water detected in the base of your washing machine, or more commonly the anti-flood mechanism is malfunctioning.


When the NTC – the device that connects the temperature sensor to the heating element – is faulty the washing machine won’t heat the water to the correct temperature and this code will show. The parts may need expertly repairing or replacing.


This error code may display following the spin cycle and indicates that your appliance is out of balance. Alternatively, it could be a problem with the signal from the control board.


Hoover washing machine E07 error code is an indicator of a motor fault that could be potentially serious. Without attention, this will cause your washing machine to become inoperable.


Washing machine E08 error code shows that there’s a problem with the motor speed sensor causing fluctuating spin speeds or no spin cycle at all.


Hoover washing machine E09 error code indicates a short circuit in the motor triac that controls the spin speed on the electrical module and will need replacing.


This fault code shows a problem with the timer, or an issue with the drum sensor, and is normally found on older Hoover washing machine models.


If your washer/dryer is showing this code there’s likely to be a problem with the dryer sensor which may be worn due to excess tension. Faulty wiring may also be to blame.


Hoover washer/ dryers will display this error code when the memory chip has been corrupted or the circuit board requires re-programming.


Hoover washing machine E16 error code points to a faulty water heater probably with a broken heating element which will cause your circuit breaker to trip every time you try to use your washing machine.


If your washing machine tachometer – the part that controls the speed of the washing machine motor – fails this error code will show.


This error code indicates an issue with the main control board of your washing machine, which can only be replaced by a qualified engineer.


Hoover washing machine E20 may appear if an obstruction is detected in the drain pump.

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