Hotpoint Dishwasher Lights Flashing

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Hotpoint dishwashers are not only affordable, but also have premium features. Night-time programmes that wash slowly for a longer time with reduced noise. A+ energy ratings. And Flexiload technology that makes loading and unloading simple.

Even with all these technological innovations things can go wrong. On your Hotpoint appliance there are LED lights that indicate what the problem is. Hotpoint dishwasher lights flashing? Find out what to do here…

Front Display Panel Alerts

Hotpoint dishwasher error codes are a warning that your appliance is malfunctioning. Hotpoint dishwasher error codes flashing with the following numbers point to issues with different components. The four LED lights will also be flashing in a specific order.

Hotpoint dishwasher error codes flashing lights include:

F01 with flashing light 1 – this is the Anti-Flood Overflow code meaning that your appliance may have a drainage problem. Problems could be with drainage system, or the float switch.

F02 with flashing light 2 – indicating a defective water fill solenoid valve that will need to be checked and tested.

F03 with flashing lights 1 and 2 – pointing to an issue with the water drainage system. This could be due to a blocked drain or drainpipe. Or other plumbing issues.

F04 with flashing light 3 – the dishwasher thermostat is at fault here – and may need to be replaced.

F06 with flashing lights 2 and 3 – means a water fill time out has occurred. The reasons for this happening include a faulty water intake valve, water supply problems. Or water pressure. Kinked or blocked hoses may also be culprits.

F07 with flashing lights 1,2, and 3 – this configuration of lights directs the cause to a damaged water turbine. And this may need completely replacing if not operating properly.

F08 with flashing light 4 – if the heater isn’t working this error code will show – showing a temperature time fallout.

F09 with flashing lights 1 and 4 – a software error has been found – resetting without power may resolve the issue but the panel board may need replacing.

F10 with flashing lights 2 and 4 – signposts the heating element which might need repairing or replacing.

F11 – with flashing lights 1, 2, and 4 – a defective wash pump is the culprit here due to damage or blockage. Pipes should be checked for blockages and kinks too.

F12 with flashing lights 3 and 4 – the problem here lies with a communication error between the mainboard and the digital display. This could be due to faulty wiring.

F13 with flashing lights 1,3, and 4 – a mainboard fault is occurring here and will need fixing by a qualified engineer.

F15 – with flashing lights 1,2,3, and 4 – the virtual sensor has failed causing the dishwasher to be unable to detect any faults whatsoever.

Bear in mind that Hotpoint dishwasher salt and rinse aid lights flashing will do so for any error code – the other lights give the correct code relevant to the fault.

Hotpoint Aquarius Dishwasher Common Error Fault Codes

Hotpoint Aquarius dishwasher lights flashing plus the following error codes can indicate issues with:

  • A1 – overfilling
  • A2 – water inlet valve problems
  • A3 – water won’t drain
  • A4 – faulty thermistor
  • A5 – circulation pump blocked
  • A6 – dishwasher not filling
  • A7 – turbine faulty
  • A8 – not heating
  • A9 – software recognition error
  • A10 – heating circuit error
  • A12 – communication problems between control boards
  • A13 – electronic control module not operating properly

Repairs with Six-Month Guarantees

When your Hotpoint dishwasher needs an expert touch, you’ll be able to arrange a visit from a fully qualified and trained engineer. Able to carry out repairs on all models. You can make an online booking quickly and easily. At a date and time that suits you. And every repair comes with a parts and labour warranty that lasts for an entire six months.

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