Hotpoint Fridge Freezer Problems And Troubleshooting

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The Hotpoint Quadrio fridge freezer is an example of spacious, organised storage with an air tech evolution system that keeps food fresher for longer. With a quick freeze and temperature adjust options, tempered glass shelving, and never having to manually defrost, this fridge freezer is all you need.

Did you know that troubleshooting is a way to discover why an appliance doesn’t work effectively and making suggestions of how to improve things? See some Hotpoint fridge freezer problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Hotpoint Fridge Freezer Problems

Hotpoint fridge not cold

This could be due to the evaporator foils being covered in frost – resulting in a defrost system error. If the defrost heater assembly is defective, or the defrost thermostat or defrost control have failed the freezer will stay cold but the fridge will become warm.

Other faults could be related to the evaporator fan motor causing the fridge to be warm, the damper control assembly becoming damaged, or the thermistor may be broken – causing the fridge not to cool.

The temperature control board may also be the culprit here as this provides power to the fan motors and compressor. All of these components can be checked and safely repaired or replaced by your appliance repair engineer.

Hotpoint fridge freezer not working

The most common cause for this condition is a problem with the defrost system. Dirty condenser foils won’t be able to distribute heat effectively – and if the evaporator fan motor isn’t working properly the freezer won’t cool.

The freezer start relay provides power to the compressor so if this part is defective the compressor will only run intermittently or not at all.

Other components that can affect the freezer are the main control board, the temperature control thermostat, the user control and display board, and a sealed system leak. A qualified engineer will quickly diagnose the source of the fault and fix it for you.

Hotpoint frost free fridge freezer problems

The method of keeping the freezer frost free is with a timer that stops the compressor and turns on a heater element – melting any ice on the cooling plates. The melt water flows back into a collector and then evaporates.

If the water path is obstructed in any way, or the timer, compressor, or heating element are in any way defective this will stop the cycle from happening. And you may need expert help.

Hotpoint freezer high temperature red light on

This red temperature warning light will come on when the freezer is initially switched on. And will also come on if the temperature inside the compartment rises above the correct storage temperature. Check the manual for temperature settings before calling an engineer.

Hotpoint fridge freezer lights flashing

When several lights are flashing at the same this indicates that the controls on the fridge freezer need resetting. This can sometimes be achieved by turning the appliance off and back on. However, if the display lights continue to blink this may indicate a problem within the freezer that needs the assistance of an experienced engineer.

Hotpoint fridge freezer RFA52 problems

Issues with this model can include the internal light not illuminating, the motor running continuously, and the appliance making a lot of noise. Reasons can be due to a power supply contact issue, a problem with the door seal, and installation on an uneven surface. Your technician will deal with all of these difficulties.

Get a Quick Response Time

A Hotpoint fridge freezer repair London engineer will quickly diagnose your operational issues. And will ensure a full and comprehensive service right from the start. Only master technicians will carry out your repair work. And every repair will have a six-months parts and labour guarantee. Your Hotpoint Quadrio fridge freezer problems will soon be a thing of the past.

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