Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Codes

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Troubleshooting Hotpoint Washing Machines: Common Error Codes and Solutions

Hot point washing machines feature smart technologies in order to deal with even the toughest stains on clothing. The range of appliances includes free-standing, built-in, and integrated washing machines with washing capacities from 6kg to 11kg. They have a reputation for high quality but they do occasionally have faults – and this is indicated by a flashing error code. To help you identify the problem here’s a list of Hotpoint washing machine error codes…

F01: Electronic Circuit Board Fault

A short circuit on the motor will cause this error – you’ll need an appliance repair specialist to check for the cause if you’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting and the fault remains.

F02: Motor Circuit Fault

When the drum is jammed or can’t move at all – or the motor spins at a high speed and then stops – this could be a wiring issue or a problem with the track.

F03: Temperature Sensor Fault

You can check the connections on the water temperature sensor – the appliance won’t be heating on wash or dry settings.

F05: Blockage or Pump Issue

Check the drain circuit as this is usually caused by debris in the pump – water remains in the pump and the door won’t open. Look for blockages in the waste ware hose and in any under-sink plumbing.

F06: Door Lock Problem

When the door can’t be shut or open – or the programme won’t start when the door is closed, check for obstructions in the door lock.

F07 and F08: Heater Relay Fault

This error code indicates there’s something wrong with the heater relay inside the washing machine – common signs are the machine stopping mid-way through the cycle, water not heating, and the pump running continuously. This could be a simple wiring problem but may be more serious so you would need a professional repair.

F09: Software Fault

If you can’t select a programme or the appliance isn’t operating and multiple lights are flashing – this could be a set-up issue with your machine. It may be due to a power cut, or other electronic issues which can be rectified by disconnecting the power.

F10: Pressure Switch Sensor

You can examine the switch and check the connections to see why the pressure switch isn’t sensing. Checking the hose to ensure there’s no build-up of detergent is also a good idea.

F11: Pump Circuit Fault

When water stays in the appliance and won’t pump out the fault will be with the pump itself. You can check wires and connection – and for any obstructions.

F12: Electronic Control Error

This is an indication that the upper control board isn’t communicating with the main control board – so the appliance won’t turn on. This connectivity issue will need to be fixed by a qualified engineer.

F13 and F14: Dryer Temperature Sensor Fault

These errors are caused by your machine overheating – and related to washer dryer models specifically. You can check for blocked airflows, jammed or faulty motors, and elements and cut-outs on the dryer heater. If your appliance can’t reach a high enough temperature to dry you may need an electrician to test the wiring and inspect the thermostats.

15: Heater Control Fault

This is another code exclusive to washer dryers and is caused by a heater relay failure. You’ll need professional assistance from a trusted service provider such as Mix Repairs to solve this issue.

F16 and F17: Drum Lock Sensor Fault

Check the door lock itself and connections – it may be a simple job to fix it yourself. For top loading appliances, the drum may stop in the wrong position or won’t lock in the correct position.

F18: Internal Data Error

This relates to the main module and front control panel module not communicating – some or all of the display functions won’t work. Disconnect and reconnect after two minutes – if the fault isn’t rectified call in a washing machine repair expert from Mix Repairs.

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