Hotpoint Washing Machine Fault Codes

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Hotpoint washing machines are available in free-standing, built-in, and integrated styles. And feature smart technologies that can tackle the toughest stains. Capacities range from 6kg to 11 kg. Easy to operate with rapid cycles and tailored drum motions these appliances will clean in a natural way with reduced time washes.

However, even the most advanced washing machines can experience difficulties. See what Hotpoint washing machine fault codes mean here…

Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Hotpoint washing machine error codes on digital displays are transmitted with a fault code beginning with F0 – as well as with flashing lights. Look at the most common faults below:

  • F01 – a circuit board fault when you can’t select any functions – you can disconnect the machine for two minutes and try again
  • F02 – a motor fault where the drum won’t rotate during the wash cycle – you’ll need a washing machine repair engineer to help you
  • i>F03 – temperature sensor fault due possible to a defective heating element – an engineer will fix this for you

  • F04 – a pump or blockage issue causing the door not to open – hoses and filters will need to be checked for obstructions
  • F06 – door lock problem – a door lock mechanism will result in the door not opening or the cycle not starting – the locking mechanism may be obstructed
  • F07 – circuit board or heating element fault – the pump may run continuously, the cycle stops mid-way, or the water won’t heat – all needing the assistance of a repair expert
  • F08 – heating element issue – the same problems as F07 – and again you’ll need a repair specialist
  • F09 – software fault – multiple flashing lights and no cycles will start – get in touch with your machine repair engineer
  • F11 – pump error – when the water won’t pump out – call a trained engineer
  • F12 – electronic control fault – the washing machine simply won’t turn on – make a booking with a professional
  • F13 – temperature sensor fault – washing machine and dryer won’t dry clothes properly – a repair engineer will fix this for you
  • F15 – heater fault – indicating that the machine isn’t heating or drying clothes, or pausing during drying cycle – booking an engineer is advisable
  • F16 – drum lock sensor fault – making the drum stop in the wrong position or not locked in the right position – calling an engineer is recommended
  • F18 – internal data error – causing some or all of the functions and display to malfunction or not work at all – try disconnecting the power for at least two minutes before reconnecting and trying again
  • F19 – fan motor or heating element fault – in washer/dryers the machine won’t dry properly or at all – get in touch with a washing machine repair engineer

Bear in mind that different models may have slightly different faults and fault codes – check with the manufacturers guide for your specific model. If you try to carry out any repairs yourself you need to disconnect the appliance from the mains.

Flashing Lights

If your Hotpoint washing machine has all lights flashing this points to a possible obstruction in the filter, the waste or drain pipe. Or a software issue.

Other common flashing lights indicating possible faults are:

  • Pre-wash light – signifying that the washing machine can’t fill – hoses need to be checked for damage, leaks, or obstruction
  • Wash light – meaning the programme has moved from the original position – return the wash dial to its previous status
  • Spin light – the load is considered to be unbalanced or too heavy – and needs to be redistributed evenly
  • End light – simply instructing that the end of a wash programme has been reached

Get First-Class Repairs

When your Hotpoint washing machine needs a repair that lasts – request a quick quote from a trusted appliance repair company. Fully qualified and experienced technicians will swiftly diagnose the source of the problem and provide a solution.

You’ll be able to make a same-day or short notice appointment. And your repair will come automatically come with a six-months parts and labour guarantee.

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