How Does A Dishwasher Work?

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Dishwashers are in almost every kitchen, and all you need to do is load the dishes, add the detergent, close the door and press the start button! When you wash dishes by hand the water and soap remain in the bowl and you move the dishes around – in a dishwasher the dishes and cutlery stay in the basket while the water shoots all around them. Have you ever wondered how does a dishwasher work? Read on…

Dishwasher Function

After the water is added, it’s heated to the right temperature, automatically opening the detergent dispenser at the correct time. The water is shot through jets to get the dishes clean before the dirty water is drained. More clean water is then sprayed onto the dishes to rinse them, and then the appliance drains itself again. If a setting has been selected to dry the dishes, the air will be heated to do so.

Dishwasher Monitors

Dishwasher detergent tabletsTo ensure everything is running properly your dishwasher will…

  • Regulate the length of each cycle
  • Detect the water and air temperature to prevent overheating
  • Activate a draining function if water levels get too high
  • Assess the dirty water coming off the dishes

Dishwasher Mechanics

The main parts of a dishwasher comprise of the control mechanism which is located inside the door behind the control panel. This electro-magnet system uses a timer to determine the length of each cycle part, and proper functions at the right times. Modern units may have child safety locks or a computerised control system. The intake valve is where the water supply comes into the dishwasher, when it opens the water pressure forces the water into the appliance.

The pump is powered by an electric motor which forces the water up into the pump arms. Pumps are available in two main types – reversible and direct drive –during the drain cycle the pump directs the water into the drain hose.

Dishwasher Accessories

Clean dishwareDishwasher racks vary from model to model, and are designed to be loaded in a specific way to make for ideal cleaning. Deviating from the recommended loading plan can drastically affect the cleanliness of your dishes.

Detergents are an essential ingredient and can be bought in liquid or tablet form. They work much the same as laundry detergents and consist of a mixture of ingredients for dealing with different kinds of food deposits left on your dishes and cutlery.

Rinse aid, a type of drying aid, has become a popular addition as it gets rid of water spots and speeds up drying by preventing water pooling in droplets on the dishes. This produces cleaner and drier dishes whilst also saving water and money.

Water softeners and anti-corrosion chemicals to stop the machine from rusting, salt to reduce lime scale and to keep filters working properly are also a good idea.

Dishwasher Repairs

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