How To Tell If Your Oven Thermostat Is Broken?

Oven Thermostat

Your oven thermostat reads and regulates the temperature inside your oven. If the heat stops being regulated this can result in your food being undercooked or burnt! If you’ve set the temperature correctly but the heat just isn’t right then you’ll need to determine if the thermostat is at fault.

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Your oven thermostat: how it works

An oven thermostat has a temperature-sensitive probe that measures the heat inside your oven. The thermostat switches the heat on and off to maintain the appropriate temperature. Depending on the type of oven you have will dictate how the thermostat works.

In older ovens, the thermostat is connected to a copper tube that extends into the main oven cavity to read the temperature and relay it back to the thermostat. When the tube has reached the set temperature the thermostat cuts out, if the temperature falls the thermostat will reactivate.

Modern oven thermostats are attached to a long probe with the thermostat wired to a control board that controls the heat source. When the probe detects the set temperature it sends a signal to the thermostat and the thermostat tells the circuit board to turn off the heat. If the temperature drops the probe will send another signal and the control panel will turn on the heating source again.

Oven thermostat light not working

When your oven thermostat light is not coming on this is normally an indicator that the thermostat is defective. When you turn your oven on the light should come on to show the oven is heating, and once the set temperature is reached the light should go out.

If your oven thermostat light stays on this could be a problem with your oven’s heating element. The light won’t go out as the oven never reaches the set temperature when the heating element is broken.

An oven thermostat repair cost would typically be between £75 and £110, and to have a new heating element fitted would be between £80 and £98.

How to test a thermostat?

You can test your oven thermostat by using a multimeter but this can seem complex if you’re not confident in gaining access to the thermostat and disconnecting the part. Your best option would be to contact your local oven repair service engineers if you believe that your oven thermostat isn’t working and they will carry out the following procedure:

  • Unplugging the oven from the wall
  • Locating the oven thermostat – this could be behind the back panel, under the backsplash or exhaust hood, or below the control panel
  • Disconnecting the thermostat by pulling on both ends of the plastic plug to disconnect the wire
  • Unscrewing the back of the thermostat sensor to carefully pull it out
  • Calibrating the multimeter and turning the dial to the lowest setting
  • Placing the probes into each side of the thermostats plastic plug and touching the metal contacts
  • Reading the multimeter which should have an ohm result of 1,000 to 1,100
  • Determining that your oven thermostat needs to be replaced
  • Reattaching a new oven thermostat if required

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