Indesit Cooker Problems And Troubleshooting

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Understanding the basics of cooker fault finding can help you diagnose some of the most common cooker problems – even if you can’t fix them yourself. Look at a range of Indesit cooker problems and troubleshooting here…

Indesit electric cooker problems

Indesit ceramic hob problems

Although there are many benefits from cooking using a ceramic hob, they can also be subject to a number of possible faults. If your ceramic hob won’t turn on this could be due to a faulty hob element. As this is the component that heats up the ceramic hob it will need to be replaced quickly.

If you find that the temperature of your ceramic hob isn’t being regulated there may be an issue with the control board which may need expertly replacing. If parts of the hob aren’t heating up there could be a faulty wire connection. If the temperature remains constant this points to a problem with the thermostat.

When your ceramic hob isn’t receiving any power, the terminal block may need to be checked. This is located inside the hob and will need investigating for signs of damage or burning resulting in either a repair or a replacement.

If the circuit keeps tripping this may be resulting from several appliances being connected to the same circuit causing an overload. If this isn’t the case problems may be found with the circuit breaker or wire insulation damage.

Indesit cooker problems may also include:

Indesit oven not heating

When the oven is experiencing heating problems this is typically caused by a defective heating element, an issue with the temperature sensor, or a recalibration glitch. Heating elements may simply need to be replaced. If the temperature sensor isn’t working properly it can cause the oven not to heat – it may be touching the inside wall and need readjusting.

Otherwise, the oven may need to be calibrated correctly. These difficulties can all be resolved and fixed by an experienced appliance repair technician.

Indesit gas cooker problems

Indesit igniter not working

One of the most common issues causing a gas hob ignition problem is a gas burner suffering from a build-up of food remnants or grease. This can be cleaned by removing the grate and burner cap before gently washing the surrounding area, and scrubbing with a stiff brush to remove any stubborn debris.

If the ignition still won’t spark following this procedure the problem may be more complex involving a possible gas supply line issue which needs the advice of a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Other problems can be related to loose connections, or a faulty igniter itself. If the spark is yellow or orange instead of a bluish-white colour this indicates the igniter should be replaced.

Indesit cooker troubleshooting can also cover:

Indesit gas oven keeps shutting off

If your appliance has a thermocouple this could be the culprit. This component operates as a safety device, turning the gas supply off when the pilot light goes out. When the thermocouple is defective the pilot light won’t stay lit. On inspection, if the part is burned out or broken it’ll need replacing.

Indesit gas oven not baking evenly

When the oven isn’t cooking evenly this indicates a problem with the thermostat activator, which may be broken or not correctly calibrated. In either case, the thermostat will need to be replaced. If the oven sensor or bake and broil elements are defective this will also lead to uneven heating.

Get high-quality appliance repairs

When you’ve investigated your Indesit oven problems and troubleshooting and still can’t get your appliance to work it’s time to call in the professionals. You’ll be able to get a quick quote upfront, no call-out charges, and affordable repair costs. Your technician will be fully trained and insured, and your cooker will soon be functioning as new.

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