Indesit Innex Washing Machine Has Error F05 – What Now?

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When your Indesit washing machine is experiencing operating issues it will display an error code on the screen. Indesit Innex washing machine problems include all the malfunctions below:

Indesit washing machine problems

Bear in mind that before you begin any investigations that lead to repairing or replacing parts you need to fully disconnect your washing machine from any electrical power supplies.

Indesit washing machine error code F01

Indesit washing machine problem F01 is an electronic circuit board fault resulting in some or all of the functions not being selectable. Before you call an appliance repair technician you can try resetting your washing machine by disconnecting from the mains supply for at least two minutes. Then reconnect the supply and wait for a further 30 seconds before starting your washing machine again.

Indesit washing machine error code F02

Indesit washing machine fault code F02 relates to a motor circuit fault which means that there’s intermittent or no drum rotation during the wash cycle. This isn’t a problem that you can fix yourself, you’ll need to get in touch with a qualified engineer.

Indesit washing machine error code F03

Indesit F03 error code means your appliance is experiencing problems with not heating on wash or dry settings and is caused by a defective temperature sensor.

Indesit Innex washing machine error F05

Indesit Innex washing machine has error code F05 – what now? If this error code appears it means that there’s a problem with the drainage system which could be related to the drain pump or the water level sensor. There may be a blockage in the drain path or the drain filter, or the drain pump itself might be defective.

You should be able to check the drain filter which is located behind a small door at the bottom of your machine. Place a towel around the base before you attempt to remove the filter by turning it anti-clockwise. Rinse the filter with tap water and replace it securely.

Next, the drain pipe can be checked for blockages by disconnecting it from the pump and the tank. Rinse it with clean water and put it back in place. Check the drain pump for any obstruction by removing the cover and disconnecting the terminals before turning off the drain pump with a wrench. After disconnecting the nozzles from the drain hose and the drain filter you can clean the pump.

You’ll then need to start your washing machine to see if the F05 fault code returns. If it does then the pressure switch may be the culprit here as if it doesn’t generate a signal that there isn’t any water in your appliance the programme will automatically stop. The switch can be checked for performance as it could be jammed or being held on by air pressure due to a blockage in the pressure chamber bottle.

Wire contacts and faulty connections could also be the cause of the problem. In rare cases, the electronic module may be at fault and this will require the assistance of an experienced engineer to fix this for you.

Indesit washing machine error code F06

F06 error code on your Indesit washing machine indicates a door lock fault meaning that the door can’t be closed or opened properly. Obstructions in the door lock are a common fault and the door lock system itself may need repairing or replacing. The door lock systems in some Indesit washing machines have been recalled due to operating issues.

Call on the professionals

If you can’t find the reason for the error code displaying on your Indesit washing machine then simply book a repair online from master technicians and enjoy a fast and effective service that will soon have your appliance up and running once more.

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