Indesit Innex Washing Machine Problems And Errors To Look Out For

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Indesit Innex washing machines feature helpful functions that run a low temperature, low time wash that quickly and easily gets your laundry washed at the touch of a button. With water optimisation and fast laundry when you’re in a hurry this appliance is perfect for the whole family. So what happens when things go wrong? 

Indesit washing machine problems

Indesit washing machine is leaking

The component parts that need to be checked here include the fill and drain hoses and the plumbing connections. It’s possible that the leak can come from the detergent dispenser caused by excessive pressure if your appliance isn’t standing level.

Indesit washing machine won’t spin

If the load in your washing machine is unbalanced a built-in feature will prevent the spinning process. This is to avoid excessive vibration and prolong the life of your appliance. The spinning cycle will also refuse to start if the water hasn’t drained completely which could result from a kinked or blocked drain hose or drain pump.

Indesit washing machine won’t empty

This issue could be due to a plumbing problem relating to connections to the sink or standpipe. Blockages can occur in the drain hose, and a defective drain pump can also be the culprit. If the crease care or rinse hold functions have been selected this will also cause the water in the final rinse to be held.

Indesit washing machine won’t start

If your appliance doesn’t seem to have an electrical supply this could be due to a faulty power switch, socket or defective wiring. If you’re using an extension lead the problem may lie there. If the door isn’t closed securely this will also affect the staring ability as this is a safety feature to prevent leaking during operation.

Indesit washing machine fault codes

See a range of digital display codes below:


Indesit washing machine problem F01 indicates an issue with the electronic circuit board and results in some or all functions not being selectable.


Indesit washing machine fault code F02 will display when a problem is detected with the motor circuit and your drum may not rotate or just spin intermittently.


Indesit F03 error code is a temperature sensing fault and your washing machine won’t heat on wash or dry settings.


Indesit Innex washing machine error F05 is either a waste pipe blockage or pump issue with water remaining in the drum and the door may not open.


F06 error code on Indesit washing machines signifies a door lock fault where the door can’t be opened or closed securely.


When this error fault code displays it means that your washing machine is unable to haet and the pump runs continuously resulting from an electronic circuit board or heating circuit fault.


This is most certainly a heater fault which will cause the wash cycle to pause partway through.


This software fault may cause multiple flashing lights to display as well as the F09 error code. You will be unable to select a programme if this happens.


A pump circuit fault will result in this error code displaying and water will stay in your appliance and won’t be pumped out.


When your washing machine won’t turn on error code F12 will show and this relates to an electronic control fault.


This is an internal data error and all or some of the display functions won’t work. You may be able to reset your appliance by disconnecting from the mains power supply for two minutes. Then you can reconnect, wait for 30 seconds and try starting your washing machine again. If this fails or you have any other issues that you can’t resolve yourself simply get in touch with local professional appliance repair engineers.

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