Indesit Innex Washing Machine Problems

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An Indesit Innex washing machine is designed to make doing the laundry simpler – with a wide range of features making it versatile, convenient, and efficient.
With an A+ energy rating, you’ll use less power. Push wash and dry functions kick start the appliance. And handy delay timers let you choose the time of your wash and dry cycle.

However, even the smartest technology can have setbacks. Look at some Indesit Innex washing machine problems here…

Washing Machine Error Code Definition

When your washing machine detects a fault it displays an error code. Each code has a relevant meaning. See examples of codes relating to your Indesit washing machine below…

F01Indesit washing machine problem F01 indicates that there’s an issue with the electronic circuit board. And some or all of the functions cannot be selected. You can try disconnecting the appliance from the mains supply for at least two minutes before reconnecting and trying after a further 30 seconds. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact an engineer.

F02Indesit washing machine fault code F02 will display when the drum stops rotating during the wash cycle – or doesn’t rotate at all. This points to a problem with the motor circuit and will need a service engineer to fix it.

F03Indesit F03 error code is detecting a temperature sensing fault. And this will stop any heat getting through to the wash or dry cycles. This is another fault that needs the expertise of a repair technician.

F05Indesit Innex washing machine error F05 signifies a waste pipe blockage or pump issue. You’ll find that the door may not open and water stays inside the drum. You can check for obstructions in the hose and under the sink, but if the pump is failing this needs specialised help.

F06Error code F06 denotes a door lock fault. And if you can manage to close it the washing machine won’t actually start any selected programme. The only thing you can do is check for any obstructions in the door lock itself – then you’ll need to get the lock repaired.

Indesit Washing Machine Troubleshooting

There are other Indesit washing machine problems that can arise that you may need help with. These include:

Leaking – a new appliance might have water remaining inside following testing processes. If it continues you can carefully check the fill and drain hoses, and the mains plumbing. Excessive water pressure can cause leaks from the dispenser drawer. And if the machine isn’t sitting level this can cause drainage problems too.

Not spinning – your Indesit washing machine will have an in-built feature to stop it from spinning if the load is unbalanced. It will try to redistribute the load, but if unsuccessful the spin process will be halted. And your clothes will be wet when you take them out of the drum.

No power – test your power socket with another electrical device. And ensure the on/off switch is in the correct position and the door is firmly closed. Any other electrical problems should be dealt with by a qualified electrician.

Flashing lights – indicator lights on your machine flash to indicate a possible fault. These can be:

  • Pre-wash: the washing machine isn’t filling properly and you’ll need to check hoses for blockages and other damage
  • Wash: the programme dial has been moved and needs to be returned to its original position
  • Spin: the wash load is unbalanced or excessive and needs to be redistributed
  • All lights: this suggests a possible blockage in the filter or drain pipe

Call in the Professionals

Whatever fault codes your Indesit Innex washing machine is displaying there’s a master technician armed and ready to diagnose the problem – and fix it. You’ll be able to get a quick quote, a one-off charge, and a return visit included in the price. And your repair will come with a six months parts and labour guarantee.

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