Indesit Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

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Indesit ovens feature easy-clean grease proof enamel interiors, button dial controls with LED display, and electronic programmable timers. Multi-functional ovens offer more ways to cook, and built-in designs allow seamless kitchen integration.

But when your oven starts to experience issues it’s useful to know where the problem may lie, and what components aren’t working properly. See a range of Indesit oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Indesit oven problems

The oven door

Wear and tear to the oven door will cause food not to cook properly as the hot air from within the oven is allowed to escape. The door seal could be at fault here – if it becomes worn and starts to sag cooking performance will be affected, as the oven may struggle to reach and keep the set temperature.

Indesit oven door hinge problems occur when the hinge becomes twisted or damaged in some way that also results in the door not closing properly. The only solution is to have the door hinges replaced.

The door glass prevents the temperature of the outer door from becoming too hot. If the glass cracks or gets broken it’ll need to be replaced straight away.

The thermostat

Oven temperature is regulated by the thermostat. As the heat rises this component determines when the correct temperature is reached, turning the oven element on and off during the cooking cycle.

Indesit oven thermostat problems typically result from either a fault within the thermostat switch or a flaw in the wiring that runs from the switch and down into the oven cavity.

Other problems with the oven not heating properly may be related to the oven element which could be defective or has burned out. There are generally two fans that distribute hot air to help with the cooking process, and a cooling fan. If either of these isn’t working properly, they may also cause heating issues.

The timer

Indesit oven timer problems can be related to the electronic control board, the terminal block, or the timer itself.

If there’s a fault in the power supply, or a power surge has been experienced this can also affect the timer workings. Electrical issues should always be addressed safely by a qualified engineer who will also carry out voltage checks for complex problems.

Indesit gas ovens

Indesit oven troubleshooting for Indesit gas oven problems includes:

The switches

In most cases when operating a gas oven, it needs to be set in manual mode or it simply won’t work. Many contemporary ovens have a lot of buttons and switches, and if you’re not clear on what they actually do you can create operating problems. If in any doubt you should consult the manufacturer’s manual.

The igniter

A gas oven igniter is located next to the burner. You should be able to hear a clicking sound when you turn the dial or press the button, and see a spark. It may just need cleaning which can be done with an old toothbrush to remove any food remnants. If this doesn’t solve the problem the igniter may need to be replaced.

The gas safety valve

To prevent an explosion hazard from an unlit burner that’s hidden from view, your gas oven will have a gas safety valve that stays closed until ignition assured by a pilot flame. Once the appropriate heat is detected the valve will open to allow the gas to flow, and the pilot light to ignite the gas. The burner should light in less than a minute. If this isn’t happening you need to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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