Indesit Oven Problems

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A faulty oven can lead to an expensive repair if left unattended or even force you to replace it. So, acting as soon as you notice any operating issues will help you to avoid any unnecessary costs.


Indesit oven troubleshooting

Indesit oven problems can include:

Your oven not heating up

Indesit oven thermostat problems can cause this particular issue as a faulty thermostat won’t be able to properly regulate the temperature. A malfunctioning thermostat may not even be able to turn the heat on.

Checking the elements will also need to be conducted. These are usually located at the back of the fan oven, behind the backplate. Signs of a broken heating element include the component not turning bright orange, and partially or undercooked food. A short can contribute to element failure as can wear and tear.

If your oven won’t heat to the right temperature this could also be a problem with the element or more likely with the temperature sensor. Make sure the sensor isn’t touching the oven wall before replacing it.

Your oven door won’t close

Indesit oven door hinge problems can be the cause of your oven door not closing securely, which can result in heat escaping. This then leads to food taking longer to cook, increasing the heat in your kitchen, and adding to your electricity bill.

Over time hinges can become less effective and may have been damaged by the oven door being over-extended. The door will need to be removed in order for any faulty hinges to be replaced. Bear in mind it can be tricky to fit the oven door back on as you need to pull back the hinges into the latch, open it completely, and then reset the latches to their original position.

Other components that can cause door closing problems include door springs which can break; and silicone fabric or rubber gaskets that line the inside edge of the oven door, that have become loose or damaged. If your oven model has a defective door sensor this may need to be replaced.

Your oven timer not working

Indesit oven timer problems are often related to the electronic control board with power not getting to the elements. A repair specialist will need to carry out live voltage checks to ensure that there is power at the appropriate output relay.

Another cause for your oven time not working can be the terminal block. The wiring to this part may be damaged or disconnected, and may not be receiving any power. If there’s an issue with the power this will also need to be safely tested by an expert who will disconnect all wires and test the wall outlet to make sure the issue is actually with the timer itself.

The oven timer will need checking which can be complex if it’s faulty. Power will need to be turned off and the back cover of the oven unscrewed. A test lead will need to be touched with an ohmmeter on each clock motor wire to prove continuity. If there’s no continuity then the timer will need to be replaced.

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