Indesit Washing Machine Problems

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Indesit washing machines are designed to turn on, set the programme, and start the wash cycle. All with the push of a button. With eco-friendly wash cycles, and turbo programming technology doing the laundry has never been easier.

But even with unparalleled design evolution things can go wrong. Look at a range of Indesit washing machine problems here…

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Why is my washing machine not spinning?

An Indesit washing machine not spinning could be due to several reasons. And can happen during the wash cycle or at the end of the wash. An Indesit washing machine drum not turning during the spin cycle may be caused by:

Imbalanced loads

– these can have a damaging effect on your washing machine putting excessive stress on the bearings and the drum. Balance sensors in some models may be able to re-distribute the load. or you may have to re-spin your wet washing in smaller loads.

Broken or slipped dive belt

– resulting from general wear and tear the drive belt can slip off or even snap. This will prevent the drum from spinning although the washing machine will still fill and drain.

Testing for this can be done by spinning the drum by hand. If there’s no resistance or motor noise the drive belt will need replacing.

Worn carbon brushes

are often the cause for a washing machine drum not spinning during the wash programme. And is more common with older machines. You can replace them yourself if you’re confident at DIY tasks – if not an appliance repair technician will quickly do this for you.

If the wash and drain cycle has been completed but the spin cycle won’t operate properly this may be due to the inability of your machine to drain water. And you’ll be able to see a pool of water in the base of the drum.

The machine will need to be emptied manually either by a drain tube, or by disconnecting the drain hose and syphoning off the water into a bucket. If the water can’t be extracted by these methods there may be a blockage within the system.

When the drain pump is blocked by an object getting trapped in the outlet pipe this will stop the flow of water into and out of the washing machine. A build-up of lint, or even a small coin can cause problems with drainage resulting in laundry remaining wet.

Why is my Indesit washing machine not working?

Problems with the power supply could be the issue here – you’ll need to test the socket with another small appliance. Next check the circuit breaker to see if any of the switches have tripped. Fuses and extension leads also need to be investigated. If you can’t find the solution simply contact a qualified repair electrician.

Why is my Indesit washing machine leaking?

A brand new Indesit washing machine may leak slightly during the initial use due to water left in the appliance following extensive testing by the manufacturer. If this isn’t the case then you’ll need to examine the fill and drain hoses for damage. And make sure all washing machine connections are secure.

If a leak appears from the detergent dispenser this could be related to excessive water pressure – or the washing machine not being levelled properly during installation.

Can I get a quote for repairs to my Indesit washing machine?

You can easily get a quick quote from reliable appliance repair engineers by filling in your details online. Your qualified engineer will come at a time that suits you – without any call out charges. You’ll pay a one-off charge with a return visit included. And any repair will have a parts and labour guarantee of six months.

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