Indesit Washing Machine Troubleshooting

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Many new models of Indesit washing machines have a series of indicator lights that flash to indicate a possible fault. 

Pre-wash lights flashing

These Indesit washing machine flashing lights indicate that your appliance is failing to fill correctly. Component parts that need to be checked include the fill hoses which may have become kinked, obstructed, or even damaged resulting in leakage.

Other causes could be related to a water pressure that’s too low or the water inlet valve. The solenoid would need to be tested for continuity by a service technician who will measure the voltage when the wash cycle is on. The water inlet valve might not be working properly if the lid switch, selector switch or the timer and electronic control are defective.

Wash lights flashing

When your Indesit washing machine has these lights flashing this typically means that your programme dial has been accidentally moved from its original position. To stop the lights you should be able to return the wash dial to its original setting. If this doesn’t work you should call in an appliance repair expert who will fix this issue for you.

Door lock light flashing

The door lock light will flash when the door is closed and will stop your washing machine from starting the wash. It’s often the door interlock that’s failing and this part may need to be repaired or replaced. The door latch can also become faulty and this spring-loaded mechanism may need to be changed. If the main circuit board overheats and becomes damaged this can also result in your Indesit washing machine door lock light flashing.

Spin lights flashing

When these lights are flashing the wash load has been considered unbalanced or excessive by your appliance and the load needs to be redistributed evenly. If the lights continue to flash this could point to a blocked drain pump when an item has become stuck in the outlet pipe, preventing the flow of water in and out of your appliance.

End lights flashing

This simply means that your washing machine has reached the end of its wash cycle and is not indicating a fault.

All lights flashing on the washing machine

If your Indesit washing machine has all lights flashing and is not draining then this indicates a possible blockage in the filter or the drain pipe. There could also be a pump failure and if this is the case it will need to be expertly replaced. Other blockages can occur in the drum, the sump hose, and even the drain hose.

If the carbon brushes on your washing machine are worn this can also cause all the lights to flash. This can also result in malfunctions in the motor as the transfer of electricity from the sparking is lessened and the electrical contact will be incomplete. All of these issues can quickly be identified and resolved by an experienced technician.

Indesit washing machine troubleshooting can help to trace faults with your washing machine if you follow the manufacturer’s guide to determine what the flashing lights mean. However, even if you know what might be causing the problem you may not have the confidence or the tools to analyse and solve any serious issues.

Get professional help

Indesit washing machine repair in London is easy to arrange. All you have to do is go online to book a fully qualified and trained engineer. You’ll get all the help and advice you need, alongside repairs that all come with a six months parts and labour guarantee. Your service will be fast and hassle-free!

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