What Is An Integrated Washing Machine?

Washing machine dashboard

As a basic rule an integrated appliance is one that has a cupboard door fitted to the front of the door, designed to be held in place by surrounding kitchen units. A fully integrated washing machine is totally hidden from view! Want to know the difference between an integrated and free standing washing machine? Read on…

Both appliances have their advantages and disadvantages, and the right choice really depends on the layout of the home, and the individual preference. So, integrated or free standing washing machine? Take a look at some facts:

Integrated washing machines

  • Kitchen interior

    Kitchen with integrated appliances, the washing machine is entirely hidden behind the cupboard door

    Are specifically made with a lower spin speed to avoid vibration which could cause issues with other kitchen units.
  • They often have just a plain metal lid so that the height of the machine can be adjusted to just touch under the kitchen worktop.
  • This type of machine tends to be more expensive than freestanding alternatives, even with the same features and specification
  • Installation can be complicated and needs to be carried out by a professional
  • They look great but there is less choice, and available models tend to have fewer features
  • You can achieve a seamless look where units are uninterrupted by the appearance of an appliance
  • You can save space with integrated appliances that can transform your kitchen
  • New appliances may come with certified wool programmes to care for woollens

Free standing washing machines

  • Aren’t designed to use inside a fitted cupboard space
  • They can be installed without any units surrounding them, and all they need are a drain and electrical socket connection.
  • Popular styles give you a huge choice of drum capacities, spin speeds, and amazing features
  • Moving a free standing washing machine is easy, and repair and maintenance brings fewer problems
  • You’ll get greater value for money when you opt for a free standing model
  • The latest technology and impressive energy ratings ensure incredible wash results
  • Additional features such as no spin options, and pre-ironing facilities make washing easy
  • Automatic sensors detect exactly the right amount of detergent needed for great washing results


Over recent years semi-integrated models have become available that are designed to fit in with the cabinets but aren’t completely covered. There’s a place on the front for fitting a panel, but you can still see the machine display and controls. The main advantage here is that you can see the screen and operate the controls without having to open the door.


Now you know the answer to your question of what is an integrated washing machine, you may also need to know where to go to get it repaired if you have any issues. Search online for a reputable appliance repair company who’ll give you a six month repair guarantee, a return visit included, a one-off charge with no call-out fees, and work carried out by a master technician! It’s as simple as that.

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