Kenwood Fridge Freezer Problems And Troubleshooting

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Modern Kenwood fridge freezers need no maintenance thanks to no frost technology. And the food is kept fresher with multi-cooling systems. Super freeze features cool and freezes food faster. Low noise operation ensures peace and quiet. And there’s even an alarm to warn you if the temperature rises!

But occasionally things can go wrong. Look at Kenwood fridge freezer problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Causes of Kenwood Fridge Freezer Problems

Kenwood fridge freezer problems may include:

Kenwood fridge freezer alarm keeps going off

When this happens it’s an indication that the interior temperature is too high. This can be caused by several factors including over-filling the compartments. Door seals that are damaged or broken will set off the alarm if the door remains ajar for more than a few minutes.

If the outside of the fridge is also warm this could imply a problem with ventilation. If the fridge freezer is too close to the wall this can cause temperature issues. The circuit board may also be experiencing difficulties – a qualified repair technician will quickly diagnose the source of the fault and resolve it for you.

Kenwood fridge freezer troubleshooting also covers:

The fridge freezer is noisy

The fan or motor, or both may be experiencing problems resulting in excessive noise. The cooling fan cools the compressor which may be the culprit. Also, leaks from water dispensers can cause ice to build-up on the evaporator, and this can emit noise.

Other components that need to be investigated by a technician are the thermostat and air channels which can become obstructed.

Fridge freezer not working at all

Your electrical engineer will be able to identify the potential faults here, and quickly fix them. It may be issues with the power supply, fuses, or sockets. Or it could be a failure of the electronics or compressor – the compressor relay may be damaged. Other issues could be related to the terminal block.

Be Error Code Savvy

Kenwood fridge freezer error codes are simply a guide to what the fault may be. Similar models will display different codes – particularly if the brand is now owned by another company. And finding a solution to the fault is best left to the experts. See a range of error codes below:

E4 – Kenwood fridge freezer error code E4 suggests a fault with the defrost circuit. The most common cause is an ice build-up and as the fan strikes the ice it makes a screeching noise. This problem can be related to a thermostat failure of some kind, or an issue with the electronic controller or the element. All of these are fixable by a trained repair engineer.

Other error codes may include:

  • F1 – when this display flashes for 30 seconds it means there’s a freezer temperature sensor failure
  • F2 – a 30-second display of this code indicates a defrosting sensor error
  • F3 – this indicator light flashing implies a refrigerant evaporating fan failure
  • F4 – an issue with the defrosting heater heating time is pointed to
  • F5 – when the freezer door has been left open for more than two minutes this display will be shown
  • D2 – indicates a communication error
  • D5 – if the fridge door is open for more than two minutes this display will occur

Book a Hassle-free Repair Service

Get a Kenwood fridge freezer repair in London and Kent from a reputable appliance repair company. You can easily book your repair online. And there won’t be any call-out charges. Repairs will be carried out by trained and qualified local electric engineers – and a six-month parts and labour guarantee is provided. Your Kenwood fridge freezer problems will quickly be resolved.

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