Lec Fridge Freezer Problems And Troubleshooting

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Lec fridge freezers offer style, functionality, and energy efficiency. Great features include Frost Free where the freezer automatically defrosts, salad crispers ideal for fruit and vegetables, LED lights to illuminate contents, and spill-proof glass shelves.

Unfortunately, even the latest technology can have glitches. When things go wrong it’s good to know what the issue may be linked to – even if you can’t fix it yourself. See a range of Lec fridge freezer problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Lec Fridge Freezer Snags

Lec fridge light not working

This could be due to a blown bulb – a replacement bulb needs to be of the right type and wattage. The light socket may be at fault if the bulb is intact. The terminals will show signs of damage or discolouration if this is the cause.

Other issues may be related to a faulty door switch which isn’t turning the light on when the door is opened. This switch is normally located near the top of the door, mounted in the plastic liner of the interior. This can become stuck and the spring is then prevented from popping up.

Problems that are related to wiring of the switch will need to be safely inspected and repaired by a qualified appliance technician.

Lec freezer warning light on

A green light on your freezer indicates that the appliance has an electrical supply. An amber light shows that the Fast Freeze option has been selected. A red light is a warning that the temperature is too high inside the cabinet.

This points to a possible problem with the thermostat – the tube could be covered or blocked. Or the control knob on the thermostat may be loose and need replacing, or the thermostat itself may be faulty.

A frost build-up will be another potential cause, as can a door seal that has become ineffective due to wear or damage. All of these issues can be diagnosed and swiftly fixed by a trained repairer.

Lec fridge leaking water

When water is accumulating in the base of the fridge this could be an indication of a blocked drainage tube. This part is located in the back wall of the fridge compartment and looks like a small rubber cylinder. The V-shaped water channels converge here, so any obstruction will cause the water to overflow. The fridge drain hole itself may become blocked and need clearing.

Water leaks can also be attributed to faulty door seals that cause excess condensation when the seal isn’t secure. If the evaporator is iced up this will cause a blockage that affects the defrost circuit – this causes a rise in temperature and potential water leakage. All simply resolved by an experienced engineer.

Lec fridge freezer making noises

If the freezer makes a clicking noise this could be due to a faulty compressor. The pump mounting may be loose resulting in banging against the side of the appliance. If this is the case an electrical engineer will safely disconnect the power supply before tightening the mounting bolts or screws.

If the compressor is defective it tends to run continuously, possibly making bubbling and gurgling noises – and the fridge and freezer compartments fail to reach the recommended operating temperatures. This can be caused by wear and tear, failure of the fan motor, or dirty condenser coils. Faulty compressors are a problem easily fixed by professional appliance repair experts.

Book a Repair Online

Lec fridge freezer repair London specialists are a team of fully qualified engineers – trained to fix any issues you have with your Lec fridge freezer. An experienced technician will quickly diagnose your problem and be able to repair or replace the relevant components. And every repair will come with a six-months part and labour guarantee.

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