LG Refrigerator Problems And Troubleshooting


LG offers the best of both worlds when it comes to fridges – high tech features alongside sleek functional designs. Distinct door styles cater for every style, and bottom-freezer refrigerators have a deep freezer below and are ideal for slimmer spaces.

Signature fridges provide advanced door sensor detectors and outer doors that keep the cold air in, and linear cooling helps to keep temperatures just right. So, what do you do when you start experiencing issues with your fridge? Look at some LG refrigerator problems and troubleshooting here…

LG Fridge Troubleshooting

LG fridge not working

If your LG fridge has stopped working and the light is off this is an obvious indication that it’s not getting any power. This could be due to the circuit breaker cutting the power due to a detected electrical fault.

A qualified technician will safely check all electrical sources that may be affected such as the power point, socket, fuses, and electrical supply. If there isn’t an electrical issue there could be problems with the condenser coils, the door seals, the cold control setting, or obstruction blocking the flow of cold air. All of these LG refrigerator problems can be addressed and fixed by your appliance repair engineer.

If your fridge suddenly stops working you should take out food and put into a cooler so that it can stay chilled whilst you get the problem fixed by a professional.

LG refrigerator temperature control problem

The thermostat is a large part of the electrical system within the LG refrigerator as it controls the flow of power to the evaporator fan, condenser fan, and the compressor. If this component is faulty then one or more parts of the cooling system won’t function.

Bear in mind that an unstable temperature can also be caused by opening and closing the door frequently – changing the fridge’s internal temperature. depending on your model other issues could be related to the temperature monitoring device malfunctioning, or the temperature sensor not reading the temperature correctly.

LG refrigerator bottom freezer problems

Common problems with the freezer not freezing cover the evaporator fan motor that operates when the door is closed. If this isn’t working properly the freezer won’t cool. If evaporator coils are frosted over this indicates an issue with the defrost system. And a faulty condenser fan motor won’t draw air through the condenser, causing the freezer not to cool.

The temperature control thermostat that can affect the fridge cooling also applies to the freezer. If it’s not working the refrigerant system won’t get any power and the freezer won’t cool.

Other less common defective parts include the user control and display board, and the main control board. A qualified engineer will effectively diagnose whether these components can be repaired or need to be replaced if they are causing the cooling problems.

LG refrigerator not cooling

LG refrigerator problems with not cooling can be related to a range of components including the condenser coils. If these are dirty or defective this important part of the cooling system will be affected. If the condenser fan motor isn’t working cool air won’t be circulated – the fan blades may be obstructed or the fan motor may be faulty.

A failed start relay will prevent the compressor unit of the fridge working properly, or not at all. This will need to be tested with a multimeter and is best left to the professionals

Getting an LG Fridge Repair

When you need an LG fridge repair in London check out appliance repair specialists with years of experience. You’ll be able to get a quick quote upfront before any work is carried out. Only fully qualified engineers will deal with your LG fridge issues, and you’ll get a six months guarantee for both replacement parts and labour.

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