LG Washing Machine Error Codes Guide


Today’s LG washing machines minimise both noise and vibration. And allergy care cycles create disinfecting steam to sanitise clothing. With TurboWash features ensuring a thorough clean in 39 minutes. Big drum capacities. And durable and hygienic doors – this range of washing machines really deliver.

If your appliance starts to experience problems there are guidelines for you to follow. Your washing machine will display an error code and you can begin troubleshooting. Even if you can’t fix the problem yourself. See an LG washing machine error codes guide here…

On Display Error Codes

An error code on your washing machine display is telling you what the problem may be and you can identify the cause by using your owner’s manual. Common issues are listed here…

dE error code

An LG washing machine dE error signifies a problem with the washing machine door being unable to lock. And may be corrected by simply resetting the washing machine. Turn off the appliance and unplug it. Press and hold the start button for five seconds and turn the power back on. If the door is firmly shut but won’t lock you’ll need an engineer.

uE error code

The top load LG washing machine error code uE indicates that the washing machine is unbalanced – and is attempting to balance the load. With the display still flashing the appliance will fill with water to try and separate the garments. Then will drain and spin again.

UE error code

Following three attempts the uE display code will change to UE informing you that the washing machine cannot rebalance the load and will need manual assistance. You can operate an empty rinse and spin cycle to see if that works. If not, you may need the help of an engineer. It could be that the machine is simply not standing on level ground.

0E error code

When your LG washing machine won’t drain this could be due to an unbalanced load. Or an issue with drainage. Your display will show error code 0E. You’ll need to check for a kinked or damaged drain hose. And test the drain pump – it will hum as the drain pump motor starts to work. You’ll hear the water draining during the first few seconds. No sound indicates the pump isn’t working properly and you may need a replacement.

A check on the drain pump filter will determine whether there’s a blockage and the filter needs cleaning.

How to drain water from LG top load washing machine is quite easy if you follow these steps:

  • Turn the washing machine on
  • Press the Special Use key until Spin Only is lit
  • Press the start/pause button to begin the cycle
  • The washing machine should start a spin only cycle and drain any water left inside

If this fails, you’ll need to call in an expert.

Other Codes Explained

  • IE – unable to fill with water possibly due to water inlet valves or hoses
  • LE – indicating a locked motor relates to a heavy wash load
  • CE – signifying a short circuit, loose connection, or power surge
  • FE – faulty water valves can cause this overfilling problem
  • tE – a heating issue often caused by a defective thermostat
  • PE – the water level sensor is malfunctioning
  • dE1 – showing the washing machine door is open and unlocked
  • PF – a power failure will bring up this error code and may happen if the power supply is interrupted during the cycle

Can’t Solve the Problem?

You’ll be able to get your LG washing machine fixed by simply booking your repair online. Trusted service providers will send a fully qualified and skilled engineer to diagnose and resolve any issues. There won’t be any call-out charges and your repair will automatically come with a six months guarantee.

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