Liebherr Fridge Troubleshooting And More

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Liebherr offers a range of fridges that are in the top energy efficiency classes with the best utility savings possible. They come with a range of well-thought-out features including cooling technology and connectivity to smart devices.

Key electronic controls are added with digital temperature displays and provide settings information. LED light fittings are maintenance-free, compact and energy-efficient.

So, what happens when things don’t go according to plan? Find out more about troubleshooting a Liebherr refrigerator here…

Liebherr Fridge Troubleshooting

When you’re experiencing Liebherr fridge problems it’s good to know where the issue may be even if you’re unable to fix it. Complications may include:

Liebherr fridge leaking water

A leaking fridge may need a manual defrost before access can be gained to the drain hose. Make sure you disconnect the power if you attempt to check if there’s water leaking from the hose itself. The hose may have become separated from the hose coupler, or it may have somehow become damaged.

The hose clamp should be positioned above the point where the hose meets the coupler – if the hose itself has been cut it will need to be repaired by clamping. The defrost drain may also be obstructed which will prevent any water from draining away – resulting in a water leak due to ice build-up.

An unlevel fridge can also cause water leakage as this can prevent water from running into the drain hole and then into the drip pan underneath where it evaporates. You may need help tipping the fridge back to enable the legs to be unscrewed and raised.

Liebherr fridge temperature problems

If the temperature in the fridge compartment is too high this may have been caused by accidentally activating the winter mode setting. If this setting is chosen during ambient temperatures that are higher than 18 degrees Celsius the interior will heat up.

If this isn’t the case and the temperature is too high or too low this indicates a problem with the thermostat which may need replacing.

Fluctuating temperatures may also be related to the automatic defrosting control which will stop refrigeration until the rear wall evaporator is completely defrosted. The end of the defrosting phase will be followed by the fridge temperature reverting to the requires setting. If this doesn’t happen there may be a defect within the control.

Damaged door seals, dirty condenser coils, and a faulty evaporator fan can all contribute to a temperature outside of the recommended two to three degrees Celsius. Likewise, the start relay, start capacitor, and thermistor may all be culprits. An experienced repair specialist will assess any components that may be causing the temperature issues and quickly diagnose which may need repairing or replacing.

Liebherr fridge troubleshooting and more…

Liebherr fridge ice maker problems

Your Liebherr ice maker receives water through a small pipe that runs from the fridge to a water pipe – via a valve that’s controlled by an electric solenoid. The water then freezes in the mechanised ice maker assembly and is stored in the ice bin.

Issues that can happen with this component are the failure to make ice, stop making ice, or freezing up altogether. Due to the location of the icemaker, it’s advisable to get any repairs done by an authorised repair technician.

Liebherr Fridge Repairs

Getting a Liebherr fridge repair in London is easy – just contact a trusted appliance repair company and make a booking. You’ll get an engineer with more than 15 years experience delivering a fully guaranteed and insured service. Locally based technicians will arrive with vans equipped with all the tools needed to get the job done.

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