Miele Dishwasher Error Codes and What to do About it

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Miele dishwashers have diagnostic systems that are built-in. Basically, that means that if the appliance detects a fault in the structure it will automatically show an error code on the display. This will indicate where the specific fault is. There are a whole range of different model numbers that digitally display errors – see Miele dishwasher codes and what to do about it here…

Error Codes and Meanings

Miele dishwasher error codes include:

  • F11 – water unable to drain away indicating a drainage fault
  • F12 or 13 – indicating a closed stopcock preventing water intake
  • F14 or F69 – a circulation pump block has been identified
  • F32 – an issue with door closing will bring up this message
  • F52 – the sensor has detected excess foam suds in the cabinet and will stop the programme
  • F70 – the waterproof system has been activated
  • F78 – the reason for this code to be displayed is related to the circulation pump

Light Indicator Codes

Miele dishwasher faults may be also be highlighted by flashing lights. These range from the water inlet indicator flashing shortly after the programme has started. To the spray arm indicator flashing determining a blockage. The comprehensive range of light indicator codes will be explained in your manufacturer’s guide.

Symbol Codes

A completely blank display specifies a fault in the software. Or that the machine stand-by function is active. Other symbols may include:

Three horizontal bars – there may be a technical issue

Instructions in a different language – caused by the incorrect language setting

No countdown time – some models only show delay start times

Close salt container cap – the cap isn’t shut tightly

Faults and Fixes

F11 – cleaning the filter combination requires removing any blockages in the drain pump. If the drain hose is kinked it needs to be straightened. The drain hose system and drain needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

F12 or 13 – the water inlet filter and inlet hose need to be checked for clogs and kinks. The water supply should be turned on at the stopcock. And the water pressure needs checking. You may need a plumber for this issue.

F14 or F69 – the filter combination will need to be removed and the interior has to be soaked for five minutes with a combination of warm water and rinse aid. Start the programme. Repeat the procedure three times. Turn the dishwasher off and back on. Choose the programmed you want via the selector button. Press Start/Stop.

F32 – this may be because you’ve closed the door too quickly. Disconnect the dishwasher
from the mains for one minute.

F52 – the selector switch should be turned to Stop/Finish. Then lightly press the Start/Stop button for a second to stop the LED flashing. Turn the dishwasher off and then on again. Remember not to use detergent tablets with the Quick Wash programme.

F70 – you’ll need to turn off the stopcock and call your appliance repair experts.

F78 – if this fault occurs in the circulation pump you can turn off the dishwasher for 30 seconds. When you turn it back on simply select the was programme you want and press the
Start button.

Look After Your Dishwasher

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Miele dishwasher maintenance is essential to keep your appliance working effectively.

You need to regularly:

  • Clean the drain
  • Inspect the racks
  • Run vinegar through a cycle to remove soap scum and odours
  • Clean the filter

Need a Fully Qualified Engineer?

When your Miele dishwasher needs a quick fix, you’ll be able to get a same-day appointment from trusted appliance repairers. Every repair comes with a six-month guarantee. And only trained and experienced technicians will be sent to you. Any issues will soon be identified. And efficiently corrected. Your dishwasher will soon be up and running again.

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