Your Miele Dishwasher Troubleshooting Guide


Miele dishwasher troubleshooting

Miele dishwasher problems include:

Miele dishwasher won’t start

If your dishwasher won’t start there could be several reasons why. The most common issue is typically with the power supply. This may be the socket, the switch, the fuse, the plug, or faulty wiring.

A defective door switch will also prevent your appliance from working as this switch is a safety feature ensuring the door is securely closed. A broken door latch will also cause starting issues as will the main control board as this supplies power to all functional components. An experienced engineer will locate and resolve all of these problems for you.

Miele dishwasher not draining

If your dishwasher isn’t draining this can be related to the drain pump which may be obstructed or have a broken impeller which will need replacing. The filter may be blocked or the drain hose kinked or damaged. The non-return valve may not be functioning correctly and if there’s a burning smell this could be a motor problem.

Bear in mind that if your dishwasher is connected to a garbage disposal food can cause a blockage in the drainage line resulting in drainage issues.

Miele dishwasher not filling

Any problems with the water supply will result in your alliance not filling and low water pressure may need to be addressed by your water supplier if it doesn’t return to normal.

Other problems could be related to a faulty water inlet valve which can leak or become dislodged. The water inlet hose can become obstructed or kinked and the water filter clogged. All of these issues can be rectified by a repair technician.

Miele dishwasher error codes

When an error code is displayed your dishwasher is informing you about a specific fault. See two common codes below:

Miele dishwasher fault F70

Miele dishwasher troubleshooting F70 is a fault code that points to a problem with the float switch that results in the activation of the waterproof system. The float switch actually detects the level of water in the dishwasher and then opens and closes the electrical circuit to pump the water in and out. It can be due to an internal leak causing the base of your appliance to flood.

Miele dishwasher fault F78

This code indicates that a fault has occurred in the circulation pump. In some cases, a reset will resolve this problem by turning off your dishwasher for 30 seconds and turning it back on. If this doesn’t work there are a number of problems that can affect the circulation pump including a defective frequency convertor, a blockage, or low voltage. If this is the case the circulation pump will need to be replaced.

Miele dishwasher symbols

Every dishwasher will offer a range of different programmes with each programme having a specific symbol that represents the programme cycle. The most common symbols are identified here:

  • Cooking pot/pan symbol: a normal/standard programme.
  • Cooking pot/pan symbol with an additional line below: intensive programmes that take longer to run for heavily soiled items.
  • ECO symbol: an eco-friendly wash that takes around three hours but uses less energy.
  • Glass symbol: ideal for loads that are lighter such as glasses that is quick and not as hot.
  • Clock symbol: representing a quick wash (90 minutes usually) with each phase quickened to reduce the overall time.
  • Sprinkle: this symbol indicates a quick rinse or pre-wash programme ideal if you don’t use your dishwasher daily.
  • “S”: this is the salt refill indicator showing you should top up the salt levels.
  • Sparkle snowflake: this is the rinse aid refill indicator to inform you to top up the rinse aid.

Need a Miele dishwasher repair?

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