Miele Washing Machine Faults Explained


Washing with a Miele washing machine is made easy with energy-efficient power washes, honeycomb drums for a gentle care, and cap dosing features that dispense special detergents.

A Miele washing machine that won’t turn on means you can’t wash your dirty clothes!
See a range of Miele washing machine faults here…

Common Miele Washing Machine Faults

Whether you have a top load or front load washing machine there are similar reasons why your appliance won’t start. These include:

A faulty power supply – this could be due to issues with the socket or fuse. Or the circuit breaker. An electrician will diagnose the source and fix it for you if necessary.

A defective door switch – this safety feature ensures the door is fully closed and locked before the washing machine starts. The switch is located in the door frame where the door shuts – and the strike needs to engage properly into the door lock assembly. And this may need replacing if there’s no continuity.

The lid switch is another safety device located under the lid of top loader washing machines. If the switch is pressed but there’s no power it is most likely to be faulty. And need replacing.

If the timer knob has suffered wear and tear it won’t be able to properly engage the timer shaft. This will result in the machine being unable to start as a worn knob causes slippage.

The drive motor may make humming sounds as it becomes ineffective. And there may be issues with the transmission or even the pump.

Finally, the main electric control board may be the culprit. And that controls every component in the washing machine. If the board is burned or damaged it will need replacing professionally.

Errors with Your Washing Machine

Miele washing machine fault codes are displayed in different ways – by messages, symbols, lights, and sounds.

Miele Washing Machine Error Messages

Error message Drain Fault! advises that there’s a Miele washing machine drain fault.

Common causes of this issue include a blocked drain or filter, a hose being positioned in the wrong place. Or sometimes an electrical fault or connectivity problems.

You may need to call in the experts to remove any obstructions as you risk damaging the washing machine. Or splitting the hose.

When error message Call Service is displayed on the control panel this signifies a fault that needs to a trained repairman to fix it for you. The problem may be due to an incorrectly fitted drum lamp which would need resetting. Or may again be due to an electrical fault of some kind.

Examples of Miele Washing Machine Error Codes

Miele washing machine F20 fault indicates that you have a water fill problem – this may be related to the flood safe device located on the inlet water hoses. A fault here will activate the shut-off mode to the water flow at certain times during the wash cycle.

Error code F41 displayed on the control panel specifies that the wash cycle has been stopped – possibly caused by an electrical fault. turning the power off and on may resolve the problem. Otherwise, an expert may be needed for help and advice.

Miele Washing Machine Error Lights

These lights may flash when there’s a problem with excess detergent or the pre-wash setting. No illumination at all means that there’s an issue with the mains power supply, power lead, or plug socket.

A comprehensive range of fault codes and their meanings can be found in your Miele washing machine owners guide.

Get Your Miele Washing Machine Fixed

Book your repair with a trusted service provider. And you’ll get a same day or short notice appointment. Without any call-out charges. Work carried out by fully trained and qualified engineers. And every repair comes with a six months parts and labour guarantee.

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