Mistakes To Avoid While Using Your Washing Machine

Man choosing the right program on his washing machine

There are many reasons why your washing machine starts to malfunction. In some cases, you’ll need to call out a trusted washing machine repairs company to fix the fault, but there are some simple things you can do to prevent them happening in the first place. Take a look at some mistakes to avoid while using your washing machine…

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Washing machines are designed to handle a specific combination of water with the weight of clothes and will only perform at their best when these options are met. So if you overload the washing machine clothes won’t come out clean and your washing machine will also suffer. Bear in mind that running the washing machine on less than a half load will waste a lot of water – so check manufacturers guidelines and get the load just right.

Using the wrong settingsWashing Machine Repairs-North London

Take the time to read the washing machine manual and understand the settings properly. Using the wrong settings can damage clothes and affect the lifespan of the appliance. One cycle won’t do for all garments so you need to explore the regular, delicate, and extra rinse options for bulky items. Some machines will also offer hot washes for stain removal and slow agitation for less wrinkling.

Guessing detergent levels

You need to follow directions here too as adding too much will make the wash too sudsy and clothes become rough and dull. Excessive use of detergent will eventually take away the protective coating from the drum and affect other inner components. Using too much soap can also lead to overflows.

Ignoring garment washing instructions

The tags attached to garments indicate the correct wash settings for the perfect clean. You need to sort your load and put towels together, separate silks and delicates, and keep dark colors apart. All these simple tasks will ensure you get a wash without color runs and that doesn’t cause any damage to your clothes.

Clearing out your pockets

It’s vital to check pockets and empty them as coins can block hoses and vents, and pens can leak ink and damage clothes and the machine itself. Non-clothing items can also clog the water drain and easily damage inner workings.

Leaving clothes in the machine

If you don’t remove clothes soon after a wash you risk harming the washing machine. Damp clothes and additional moisture create the ideal environment for mold and bacteria, and this can lead to really unpleasant smells. Taking the clothes out straight away and leaving the door open will get rid of the moisture – and if you wipe the door seal with a cloth you’ll be all ready for the next load.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Maintenance of your washing machine needs to be carried out on a regular basis. This includes cleaning the dispenser trays that are used for detergents and fabric softeners. Failing to clean them can lead to a build-up of bacteria which can lead to health issues as the washing machine continues to spread algae into the drum and onto your clothes.

Clean the lint out of your filter often, particularly if you have a combination washer and dryer. Regularly check hoses and replace them if they split. Braided hoses are more durable and don’t dry out or crack like rubber hoses tend to.

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