Oven Repair Troubleshooting

repairman checking broken oven

A well-functioning electric oven should evenly distribute heat radiated from the heating element – if there’s a fault with the element or the fan the oven won’t heat up. Bear in mind there are a few other things that can fail that you may be able to fix yourself– take a look at some electric and gas oven repair troubleshooting here…

Oven Repair Troubleshooting Tips by Mix Repairs

Turn off the power

Before carrying out any work on an electric or gas oven make sure it’s unplugged and turn off the electric power in the circuit breaker. Close the gas supply valve to shut off the gas supply.

Electric Ovens

Won’t turn on

This problem could be caused by a faulty control switch, broken wire, or an incorrect power supply coming into the unit. Call in a qualified electrician for any serious electrical faults.

Oven setting problems

Modern gas oven

Try resetting the electric oven from auto back to manual – this should fix any issues here. Refer to your user manual for any additional help you need with removing the control knob to locate the setting control. If you suspect a fault here you can disconnect the electrical control terminal to lift out the control, and refit a new one.

Malfunctioning fan element

If the thermostat is set correctly but the oven is still blowing cold air this could be a damaged heating element – burn marks on the outside are an indication of this, but it could be a fault deep inside which may need a new element.

Broken oven thermostat

If the fan is motionless and the light is off the reason may be a fault with the thermostat itself. Check the temperature with a manual thermostat to see if the oven thermostat needs recalibrating – some can be adjusted by turning a control inside the control knob housing. If your oven element is creating sparks it can catch fire so don’t take any chances.

Defective fan motor

Mechanical problems can be associated with a slow-running fan – high pitched sounds and inefficient heating are two other pointers. Loose fan blades can be tightened and food residues can be cleaned away – if the fan won’t turn manually this indicates a motor problem.

Gas Ovens

Won’t turn on

On a gas oven this problem could be due to a faulty gas control, valve, igniter, or a broken wire. A gas engineer may be your safest option here.

Door gasket needs replacing

On most ovens the gasket is located in the oven frame – you can pull the old gasket out of the channel and clean it with a solution of mild detergent and water before installing the new gasket.

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Burners need cleaning

Food spills on the burners cause common problems of blockage – you can remove them to thoroughly clean by soaking in mild detergent and water. Use a soft cloth and completely dry before putting them back. Food spillages in the oven can be prevented by placing a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil on the oven rack beneath the item you’re baking.

Issues with pilot lights

The flames of a gas burner should be steady and rounded with a blue tip – the flame should be quiet and adjust quickly to the control knobs. If the flame is yellow it’s not receiving enough air and can be adjusted via the ignition unit.

Oven Repairs

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