Panasonic Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

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Panasonic has an excellent reputation but even the most reliable appliances can sometimes experience operating difficulties. Knowing where the problem may lie is a bonus but it may not be always possible to fix faults yourself.

See some common Panasonic washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Panasonic washing machine troubleshooting

Panasonic washing machine problems can include:

Panasonic washing machine won’t start

The probable causes here are typically electrical and often require a qualified engineer to resolve them. Problems could be detected with the incoming power supply, the power socket, fuses, wiring, or installation. Alternatively, there could be a fault with the door not being able to close securely, or issues with programme settings.

Panasonic washing machine won’t drain

If this is happening there are several reasons why. It could be that the filter is blocked or obstructed in some way, or the drain hose is blocked, kinked or damaged. The wiring to the drain pump may be faulty or the drain pump itself defective. The level sensor wiring will also need to be checked, as will the level sensor switch.

Panasonic washing machine won’t spin

This is often related to the lid cover or door not being closed properly, the drain hose outlet level is too high, or an unbalanced load detected during the spin cycle. Other issues could be with a broken belt or a problem with the motor.

Panasonic washing machine error codes

Error codes are used as a diagnostic aid helping to source the components that may be causing the problem, but you will probably need a qualified repair technician to skilfully fix issues for you. A Panasonic washing machine error code list includes:

Panasonic washing machine error code H43

This indicates a leak has been detected at the base of your appliance and the source of the leak will need to be investigated. Leaks discovered under your appliance are commonly caused by a damaged water pump or compromised hoses connected to the pump. Other causes include a blocked drain hose, a disconnected drain pump, or a faulty door seal.

Panasonic washing machine error code H51

When an overloaded motor is detected this error code will display. Your washing machine is indicating that the main drive motor is under stress for some reason and the main drive motor and main control board will need investigating.

Panasonic washing machine error code U12

When this error code displays it means that your washing machine is reading that the door is open. Components that need to be checked here include the door itself, the door latch and switch mechanisms, and the door lock. Other possibilities that can cause this error code to display can be related to the wiring and the electronic controller.

Panasonic washing machine error code U13

This error code suggests that an unbalanced load has been detected which could simply be that the laundry needs to be sorted and reloaded, or a more complex issue with the drive belt or the motor.

Panasonic washing machine error code U14

This is an indication that your washing machine hasn’t been able to fill within the 20 minutes set period. The mains water pressure will need to be checked alongside any inlet hoses that may have become kinked or obstructed. The inlet filter and the water inlet valve could also be defective, or there may be a pressure switch or wiring fault.

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