Pros and Cons of Double Wall Oven

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If you’re planning a new kitchen, you’ll want a new oven! There are so many ovens to choose from that you may feel slightly overwhelmed. This simple guide will advise you on the pros & cons of double wall ovens so that you can establish if they’re the one for you.

The Benefits

  • Double ovens offer double the cooking capacity
  • You can cook multiple dishes at the same time without transferring flavours
  • With independent ovens you can set the time and temperatures separately
  • Cooking is faster and smarter to cater for all family needs
  • Many double ovens have unique features
  • Ovens are installed at eye or arm level making them easy and convenient to use
  • The average cost is about £500 for a recommended built-in double oven


The Disadvantages

  • Built-in double wall ovens need installation within cabinets with additional space for cooktops and components
  • They may pose a problem with short adults with limited reach – upper trays may be difficult to access safely
  • Mobility issues may be encountered when the oven doors are opened restricting flow in small kitchens
  • Installing cooktops can be a problem if space is limited
  • Doesn’t help with cooking of oversized baking dishes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a top oven used for?

A double oven has two cabinets and the top one is usually fitted with a grill. The benefit here is you can use the grill in the top oven and cook in the main oven at the same time.

The top smaller oven can also be used for heating ready meals, small batches of cookies, and keeping foods warm. It’s great for cooking pizzas too.

How do I determine the space needed to fit my double oven?

Measurements are all important when it comes to the installation of your double wall oven. And you’ll also need to make a note of the amperage on your circuit breaker. This ensures you stick within the guide and don’t need to get a new one.

Have your equipment ready before you start. You’ll require a tape measure, Phillips head screwdriver, and a replacement tip sheet providing you with additional information.

See oven sizes – how to measure below:

The typical width of a double oven is between 24-30 inches depending on the model. With the typical height being 50-53 inches. The cabinet depth is about 24 inches.


Cut-out dimensions:

  • Ensure the power is switched off at the circuit breaker
  • Measure the overall width and height of your wall oven and write it down
  • Remove the screws in the oven door frame alongside any pieces of trim
  • Pull out the oven carefully – not more than two inches as the weight may destabilise the appliance
  • Now measure the distance across the top and bottom of the oven from the cabinet cut-out and make a note
  • Measure from top to bottom of the cabinet cut-out and record the details
  • Try to measure the depth of the cabinet cut-out from the from the back wall to the front edge

Back to the Beginning

Once all the measurements have been taken and recorded, you’ll have the information needed to look for your new double wall oven. You can now:

  • Push your old oven back into the cabinet
  • Screw the oven frame securely to the cabinet
  • Turn the power back on

Got a Double Wall Oven Problem?

Book a repair with trusted appliance repair specialists. You’ll get a same-day or next day appointment. Work will be carried out by trained and fully qualified engineers. And every repair will come with its own six months parts and labour guarantee. Your double wall oven will soon be functioning as new.

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