Reasons You Should Own a Dishwasher

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No kitchen is complete without an oven or a fridge, and few of us would like to live without at least some freezer space. And yet in the UK at least, a dishwasher is still sometimes seen as a little bit frivolous, a bit self-indulgent. Here’s some news. They’re not. Ask any householder who’s had their dishwasher for more than a few weeks if they could live without it and the answer is going to be a resounding no. Here’re the reasons why you should own a dishwasher.

Why you need a Dishwasher?

They help you keep your kitchen neater – Putting dirty dishes in the washer (rinse them only if they’re going to sit there for a while) is much better than having them sat waiting by the kitchen sink. Sure you can wash every item by hand as you finish with it, but that wastes a lot of water (more about this below) and it’s not an efficient use of your time either.

Modern machines are available in all sizes – The days when dishwashers were primarily designed for commercial kitchens are long gone. These days you’ll find a wide choice of sensibly sized appliances for family homes, and tiny space-saving options for a studio flat in any of the major white goods retailers.

Dishwashers are affordable – As the appliance becomes more common, economies of scale and market competition forces come into play bringing prices down. And now that nearly half of UK households have them, finding technicians for dishwasher repair and maintenance is also easier and less expensive than it once was.

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Dishwashers save time – Loading and unloading the machine takes a fraction of the time that hand-washing up does. And you’ll never have that argument about whose turn it is to do the dishes again.

Dishwashers save your hands – Washing dishes is murder on your hands, washing-up liquid dries your skin and do you really want to plunge your newly manicured nails into hot soapy water?

Dishwashers sterilise – Dishwashers usually operate at much higher water temperatures than you can hand-wash your dishes in. These temperatures are high enough to kill off the germs.

More hygienic for your kitchen – Tests show that dishcloths and sponges are often infested with bacteria and risks of cross-contamination when you wash your dishes with a dirty sponge are high. Use a dishwasher any you can throw away those nasty clothes.

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Dishwashers use less water than hand washing dishes – Study after study confirms it. It’s true that early models drank water and hogged electricity but modern appliances are much more energy- efficient and typically use around 13-14 litres of water. Providing you use your appliance to it’s best advantage you’ll use far less water with a dishwasher than you will doing the washing up by hand.

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You only heat the water you need – As with washing machines, it’s much more efficient to heat water at the point of use than it is to store it in a boiler and run it through pipes to get to the point where you need it.

Dishwashers add value to your home – If you’re selling and leaving your appliances behind, potential buyers will see the presence of a dishwasher as a definite plus. Modern appliances in good order also add value to rental properties.

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