Samsung Ecobubble Fault Codes

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The Samsung Ecobubble washing machine has been awarded an A+++ for energy efficiency – helping to keep your energy costs low and reduce your impact on the environment.

The Ecobubble technology is designed to get the best out of your detergent as it dissolves inside the unique bubble generator. Even at cooler temperatures the foam penetrates the fabric faster.

With bubble soak, delay end timers, and smart checks this appliance will take the chore out of regular laundry. But even the finest appliance can have its flaws.

See some Samsung Ecobubble faults here…

Identifying Fault Codes

Samsung Ecobubble fault codes are shown when your washing machine is experiencing a problem. Information can start with a number, or a letter depending on the model. And some machines will display an icon or symbol. Each code points to a specific issue – see a range of codes below:

4ESamsung Ecobubble 4E warning indicates that the washing machine has detected a problem with the water supply. A blocked or kinked water supply hose is often the culprit.

You can check if the water tap connection is fully turned on. And that there’s no damage to the water hoses connected to the appliance. Make sure that the water hose mesh filter doesn’t have any build-up. If the fault is still showing you’ll need to get in touch with your local repair engineers.

11Ea low water level has been detected by your appliance, so you need to check that the drain hose is positioned correctly. It needs to be above the base of the washing machine. You can also check that the drain hose isn’t blocked and there aren’t any leaks.

Switch off the power and then try again. An engineer will be able to source and fix this problem easily.

CEa water temperature issue can be simply due to the water hose being connected to a cold-water supply rather than a hot one. A blue tap will normally indicate cold water. If this isn’t the case you may need expert advice.

SESamsung Ecobubble SE code points to a water drainage issue. The pump filter may be blocked so you can check that initially – followed by the drain hose and waste connections for any obstructions. Kinks in the hoses will cause clogging and may affect the drainage system.

If the problem persists, you’ll need to call in the experts as for some reason the washing machine can’t cope with water draining. And the system has some malfunctions.

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Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Codes

Samsung Ecobubble 8kg fault codes can be used to troubleshoot which part of the appliance has failed. See a few examples here…

OE – this fault code defines that water has been detected over the safe water level. This may have been caused by too much detergent being added. You’ll need to switch off the power for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on – allowing the drain pump to drain the water.

tE – a temperature sensor problem has been identified here and the cycle will need to be restarted. Again, turn off the power for at least 30 seconds and start a new programme.

3E – a motor issue is the culprit here and the appliance needs to be switched off – for a minimum of 30 seconds – and then turned back on. If the problem happens again after a new programme has been selected, you’ll need specialist help.

Get a Same-Day Appointment for Your Repair

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