Samsung Fridge Freezer Leaking Water


Samsung fridge freezers offer huge storage space. Independent cooling systems optimise the temperature and the humidity within the appliance. And prevent odour and flavour transfer.

Minimalist dispensers and hidden displays complement the design allowing easy access to the ice compartment. But what do you do when your Samsung fridge freezer is leaking water? Read on…

Common Issues with Leaking

A Samsung fridge freezer leaking water underneath is normally related to the defrost drain. When this gets blocked, or freezes with an ice obstruction it causes the water to drip and get under the appliance. The ice will need to be thawed – and the drain flushed with hot water to clear the debris.

The water tank assembly can also leak and may need replacing. The water inlet valve may develop a crack causing water leakage between the dispenser and the icemaker. Or the water filter housing may be damaged. If the water filter is fitted incorrectly water may leak from the filter. And it will need to be re-installed.

Samsung refrigerator water under drawer issues may be caused by condensation. Or because the doors aren’t closing properly or sealing tightly. In this case, the door gaskets may need replacing.

Self-defrosting fridges have a drain pan which collects the water that melts from the evaporator coils. This then evaporates as the condenser fan blows warm air across it – ensuring the drain pan doesn’t have to be emptied.

A cracked drain pan will need to be replaced as this will result in water leakage as the defrost cycle is operating. And sometimes it may collect mildew or even insects and need to be cleaned.

Ice maker Complications

Samsung refrigerator ice maker problems may be due to several reasons including:

Child lock may be on – if the child lock is active the ice dispenser won’t function so the lock will need to be released either by pressing the lighting button. Or pressing both the vacation and fridge buttons simultaneously.

Ice dispenser opening may be blocked – this can be cleared by running warm water through the opening and thoroughly drying the ice bucket before putting it back in.

Water inlet valve may be faulty – or have insufficient pressure to allow the water to flow through. Then the ice maker won’t be able to make ice. If the water pressure is fine the inlet valve itself may need replacing.

Water pressure may be too low – you can measure this by dispensing water into a measuring cup for 10 seconds and if the cup is less than two thirds full water pressure will need to be increased. Check the water filter as this could be the reason why – and will need to be changed.

Ice bucket may be full with clumped ice – remove the ice and make sure the temperature for the freezer is set correctly. Dispensing ice regularly should prevent the ice from sticking together. If unused for long periods of time it should be turned off.

Samsung French door refrigerator ice maker problems can be resolved by performing a test on the ice maker itself. All you have to do is press and hold the test button. The motor will run and a small amount of water will dispense – a response tone at the beginning and a different tone at the end will indicate the icemaker is working properly. If not, you’ll need to call in the professionals.

Get Your Appliance Fixed

When your Samsung fridge freezer is causing problems, get them solved by Samsung appliance repair specialists. Fully qualified engineers will carry out your work. You’ll receive the highest level of customer care. And repairs will come with a six months parts and labo
ur guarantee.

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