Samsung Microwave Problems

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Samsung microwaves are stylish and powerful. And take microwave cooking to the next level. With features including easy cleaning, HotBlast technology, and Easy View glass for comfortable monitoring, you can experience a fast and effective new way of cooking.

Sometimes things can go wrong. And your microwave may start having issues. Look at some common Samsung microwave problems here…

Samsung Microwave not Heating

The most frequent causes for the microwave to not heating are due to the:

Door switch – the switches ensure that the door is properly closed and if they fail this results in the microwave not starting or heating up. You’ll need a qualified technician to fix this as there’s a huge risk of electric shock from the high voltage capacitor, even when the oven has been unplugged.

Diode – this unit converts voltage into powering the magnetron to heat the food. When the diode is burned out it prevents the oven from heating. You can normally see the damage, and if this is the case a trained engineer will need to replace the diode for you.

Magnetron – high voltage and high currents generate microwave frequency via the magnetron to heat the food. A burned-out magnetron will result in no heat. And it must be replaced by an expert to avoid the potential risk of electrocution.

Thermal fuse – if the microwave overheats the thermal fuse will cut off the power. If the fuse has blown it will be unable to reset and must be replaced by a licenced technician.

Thermoprotector – another safety device that cuts off the power if the oven overheats. If the unit trips the microwave won’t start or heat up. Get an engineer to sort this problem for you safely.

Samsung Microwave Buttons Not Working

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If only some of the buttons on your microwave respond there may be an issue with the touchpad and control panel. When the Samsung microwave keypad not working is a problem there may a defect within the main control board.

The user control and display board can also be related to this problem. And if none of the buttons appear to be responding you may need to have them both replaced.

Samsung Microwave Turning Off

The causes here are varied and can be connected to a:

Defective thermostat – this will result in the microwave running for a few seconds and then stopping. After testing it may need replacing.

Thermoprotector – when this device is tripped it’s a safety feature to prevent the microwave from overheating. And a blown part will need replacing.

High voltage transformer – when this fails you may notice a burning smell and the oven will stop functioning. It’s essential to get a trained technician to replace any electrical components as there’s a high risk of getting an electric shock.

A faulty touchpad – if your oven runs for a few seconds and then stops the fault could lie with the touchpad. Or the touchpad and control panel. Non-responsive buttons will indicate that this is the cause.

Door switch – door switches that are intermittently failing will cause the microwave to start and then stop. Look at the switch for any sign of damage, overheating, or burning. You can easily test for continuity by using a multimeter – if the flow is spasmodic the switch will need replacing.

Main control board – after all the other possible causes have been excluded the control board could be the culprit and need expertly repairing or replacing.

Get a Repair Quote

Samsung microwave repair specialists will diagnose your microwave issues. And quickly fix them. You’ll get an accurate quote upfront. And only highly trained and fully qualified engineers will carry out your work. There’s no call-out charge and every repair comes with a parts and labour guarantee that lasts for six months.

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