The Most Common Electrolux Dryer issues And Troubleshooting

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Electrolux dryer error codes

Here’s a guide to a range of Electrolux dryer error codes and their meanings. Bear in mind codes may vary slightly depending on your model:


Electrolux dryer E15 error code indicates that your appliance has been overfilled and you’ll need to remove some of the load to resolve this problem. If the code persists there may be an issue with the drum rotation which will need the expertise of a repair technician.


This error code will flash when the moisture sensor becomes too high which may be caused by an obstruction or damage to the wire harness of the sensor. The electronic control board may otherwise need to be replaced.


This is a problem with the heater relay and can be due to damage to the wire harness between the control board and the heating element. Again the electronic control board may also need to be assessed and repaired or replaced.


Electrolux dryer error code E64 points to a malfunction of the heater wiring or the actual heating element. Lack of continuity will mean a replacement wire harness or heating element will be needed.


If the thermal limiter has tripped this code will display. This is a safety feature that prevents your dryer from overheating. If it proves to be faulty it will need to be replaced.

Electrolux dryer troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Electrolux dryer problems include:

Electrolux dryer not heating

The most common issues here are related to the thermal fuse which is designed to protect your appliance from overheating. A defective fuse will blow and prevent continuity. Likewise, the heating element can burn out and prevent continuity so your dryer will be unable to heat.

Other solutions that need resolving may be with a failed gas valve solenoid, a non-functioning igniter or flame sensor, or an incoming power problem. The high-limit thermostat monitors the dryer temperature and the cycling thermostat cycles the heat on and off – if these components aren’t working correctly there won’t be any heat.

The timer or the main control board may be defective. All of these problems can be identified and fixed by an experienced repair technician.

Electrolux dryer overheating

If the heating element is defective it can produce heat continuously even when your dryer has reached the proper temperature. The heating element assembly will also need to be assessed.

There may be an airflow issue if the vent is obstructed, or the blower wheel that works the drive motor may be blocked. Other problems may relate to the cycling thermostat that cycles the heat on and off or the felt seals that prevent heat from being drawn through the drum properly.

Electrolux dryer noise

When your Electrolux dryer is making noise there are multiple causes. A frayed or damaged dryer belt will be noisy as it turns and a worn-out drum roller or drum roller axles will make a loud rumbling sound.

The blower wheel which draws air through the dryer and pushes it out can become obstructed or wear out and make a noise as will a worn drum bearing. The drum slides or glides can wear, as can the idler assembly and idler pulley. Any of these issues will cause noise and will need attention.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of Electrolux dryer noise:

  • Humming: your appliance may be overloaded
  • Beeping or grating: typically caused by the moisture sensor
  • Metallic: the normal sound made by the heat pump
  • Rattling: electrical installations next to the fan or a loose fan
  • Scraping: items such as zips and buttons catching the drum

Get your dryer fixed

An Electrolux dryer repair in London is quick and easy to arrange. You’ll be able to request a quote and get a price upfront, and your repairs will be carried out by a fully qualified engineer. And every repair will come with six-month parts and labour guarantees.

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