The Most Common Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Fault Codes and Causes

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Hotpoint is a British appliance brand that was established in 1911. Over the last century and more, the brand has become known for quality products that work. This includes its tumble dryers range. Despite their main purpose being to get your clothes dry, some common Hotpoint tumble dryer problems may arise. As such, you should be aware of these and ensure that you know how to address them. One of the main starting points is understanding the error codes that may appear on the display and knowing what to do about it. So, without further ado, let’s explore some common Hotpoint tumble dryer problems as well as diagnosing problems by understanding the various error codes. 


Common Hotpoint tumble dryer problems


This may sound obvious but the main purpose of your tumble dryer is to get your clothes dry. This involves the machine working optimally every time to achieve this purpose. Yet, it can happen sometimes that your Hotpoint tumble dryer is experiencing some problems. Here are the most common ones as well as their causes. 

  • Hotpoint tumble dryer all lights are flashing: generally, this is a sign of a software fault and an experienced technician should be contacted. Do not attempt to solve this issue by yourself.
  • Hotpoint tumble dryer is not heating: if you end up with damp or wet clothes because your tumble dryer is not heating accurately, this could be an indication of a problem with the heating element or thermostat, which controls the temperature. However, since you will not be able to easily determine which of these two elements is the culprit, it’s advisable to get in touch with a specialist to help you with the repairs.
  • Hotpoint tumble dryer drum is not turning: this could be a sign of a defective drive belt, which can, with time and wear and tear, become worn, slip or snap. Another reason for this issue could be the rear drum bearing wearing through or a worn pulley that can lead to the belt coming off and getting stuck. Once again, it’s advisable to contact a specialist to help you resolve the problem. 

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Hotpoint tumble dryer fault codes

Below, you’ll find some of the most common error codes as well as how you can interpret them. 


Error code F01 


This usually happens when the motor runs when it shouldn’t. In most cases, the error may lie with the control board, which may have been exposed to moisture. As a result, the module will need to be replaced.


Error code F02 


A symptom of a faulty motor, it could also be caused by faulty motor wiring or the J3 connector to the control module. 


Error code F03 


This is an error that appears on your display when the heating sensor or thermistor is faulty. It may be an issue related to the thermistor’s wiring or something related to it. 


Error code F04 


This error code signals that your pump is running when it should not be. This could be a result of a short circuit in the control module connections, which should be checked. It is likely that your control module may need to be replaced. 


Error code F05


This error code is the opposite of error code F04. It happens when the pump is not running when it should be. Once again, it could be a short circuit in the control module, which may need to be replaced. 


Error code F06/F16


This is an indication of a serious fault with the electronics in your tumble dryer and calling in experts to help resolve the problem is highly recommended. 


Error code F07 


An error code F07 signals that there is a failure in the lower heating element. It will need to be checked in addition to the connections and wiring between the element and the control module as well as the module itself. 


Error code F08 


This represents that the lower heating element is working when it shouldn’t be or that it is switched on. A possible cause of this is moisture that has entered the control module and has resulted in a short circuit. It’s advisable to have an experienced professional take a look at both the wiring and the control module, which may need to be replaced.


Error code F09


Indicating an error in programming, your control board most likely needs to be reprogrammed. Alternatively, it may need to be replaced.  


Error code F10 


For this error code to be revised, it’s recommended that your tumble dryer specialist checks the heater, the module connector, the heating elements, wiring as well as their connections. 


Error code F11 


One of the most common causes for this fault code appearing is the pump circuit or an error with the control module. It will be advisable to check your pump’s wirings and connections. 


Error code F12 


When you see this error code, you should know that it means that there is a faulty connection between the tumble dryer’s display as well as its control module. The connections and wiring should be checked and these may possibly need to be replaced. 


Error code F13 


If you see this error, it’s a strong indication that your tumble dryer is experiencing a fault with the rear thermistor circuit. In simple terms, this means an issue with the temperature sensor. You may need to call in a professional to check the wiring and connections between the thermistor circuit and the module connector. 


Error code F14 


An F14 error code signals a failure in the upper element. It could be a result of short circuiting if moisture has been detected in the machine. The main control module may need to be replaced. 


Error code F15


Another error that relates to the upper element is the F15 code. It signals that the upper element is on when it shouldn’t be. It could be a result of a short circuit. Common causes for this include the control module being affected by incorrect wiring or a faulty heating element. 


Error code F17 


Finally, an F17 error code signals a problem with the master relay. In such a case, the control module will need to be replaced. 

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With all of the above being said, there are some common Hotpoint tumble dryer problems that you may encounter along the way. In addition to these common problems, there are also error codes that can help guide and inform you about what steps need to be taken. In cases when you need to replace or repair certain parts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for Hotpoint tumble dryer repair. We offer quality, professional and reliable repairs for practically any model of tumble dryer and we’re at your service whenever you need it.

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