The Most Common Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Problems

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Making the perfect drying day should happen each time you use your Hotpoint tumble dryer, but when things don’t work as they should it’s good to know the reasons why.

Take a look at some of the most common Hotpoint tumble dryer issues here…

Hotpoint tumble dryer problems

Hotpoint tumble dryer all lights flashing

When multiple lights are flashing on your tumble dryer this indicates a software fault and you’ll be unable to select a programme. You’ll need to contact a service repair engineer to fix this for you.

Hotpoint tumble dryer not heating

The most common fault here is typically with the heating elements and the thermostat is often part of the heating element assembly. Any breaks in the connections will cause heating issues. Defective heating elements and thermostats can be both be easily replaced.

Hotpoint tumble dryer drum not turning

When the drum on your appliance doesn’t spin the problem may lie with the drum belt which may have become worn or even broken. If the drum will move easily by hand then this is probably the reason. Otherwise, this could signify a fault with the hockey wheels or an issue with the start capacitor that kick starts the motor.

Hotpoint tumble dryer is very noisy

The type of noise that your tumble dryer is making will define the cause of the problem. A squealing noise may be due to the belt tension pulley that will get worse as the wear on the pulley increases. A squeaking noise can indicate a worn pivot bearing and rumbling noises point to the support wheels becoming unaligned. If the noise is loud and droning this could be the fan in the drum becoming distorted and needing replacing.

Hotpoint tumble dryer fault codes

If you have a Hotpoint tumble dryer that malfunctions your appliance will display an error code on the electronic display, or lights that will be illuminated instead. See a range of codes and their meanings here:

F01: If the motor is running when it shouldn’t be due to connections short-circuiting this indicates that the module will need replacing.

F02: This code will display when the wiring to the motor or the motor itself is faulty and parts will need replacing.

F03: The cause of this fault will be related to the heating sensor in your tumble dryer, and the thermistor, the module connector or the connections and wiring may need examining.

F04: If the pump is running when it shouldn’t be the connector to the module or the module itself may be defective and need replacing.

F05: If the pump is failing to run as it should this again could be a problem with short-circuiting where the module will need to be replaced.

F07: A lower heating element will cause this code to display and checks will need to be made on the wiring, connections, and module.

F08: Moisture can cause the lower heating element to be working when it shouldn’t and again the connections and wiring to the module, and the module itself will need investigating.

F09: A programme error often indicates that the control board in your tumble dryer will need to be reprogrammed or even relaced. This requires specialist equipment and will need to be carried out by a qualified engineer.

F10: When this code displays it signifies a heater circuit fault with issues being experienced with the heater, the connector, the heating elements or the wiring.

Need a Hotpoint tumble dryer repair?

You’ll be able to arrange a full and comprehensive tumble drier service for your appliance that ensures it will be up and running again quickly. Your engineer will be trained and qualified and every repair will come with a six months parts and labour guarantee.

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