Troubleshooting Your Siemens Dishwasher Faults

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When your Siemens dishwasher starts to experience problems, it will let you know! The digital display informs you about the status of the appliance with error codes that refer to a specific fault. In many cases, you probably won’t be able to fix it yourself, but it’s handy to have a notion where the problem lies to be able to pass this information on to your alliance repair engineer.

Troubleshooting your Siemens dishwasher faults can be quite straightforward – just follow this guide…

Siemens dishwasher faults

A Siemens dishwasher not working can be caused by many factors. Look at a range of Siemens dishwasher problems here:

Siemens dishwasher E09 error code

This error code indicates that there’s a fault with the heating system. If the water is staying cold throughout the cycle this could be due to a defective thermostat or heating element which control the water temperature and aid in the drying process. The heating element can suffer from an electrical or wiring fault, and can occasionally burn out.

The job of the thermostat is to regulate the water temperature throughout the wash – if this component is faulty the dishwasher will be unable to turn the heating element on and off to maintain the correct water temperature.

Other faults that may cause this code to display are related to faulty wiring, relay switches, sensors, or the printed circuit board itself. Any of these issues can be quickly resolved by an experienced engineer.

Siemens dishwasher E15 error code

When this code is displayed it means that there is water located in the floor tub. This is typically due to the Aquastop protection system being activated. The protection system will trigger when a water leakage or overflow occurs and the control panel won’t respond to pressing.

Your engineer will check the hose connections and branch pipes and ensure that the water supply system is correctly connected. Filters and drain hoses will be inspected for blockages, and the water level sensor will be tested for serviceability.

Siemens dishwasher E19 error code

This code points to a fault within the dispenser and is possibly due to a problem with the circulating pump. Alternatively, this can also be related to the failure of the heat exchanger recirculation valve. The heat exchanger receives cold water during the washing process and heats the water to the optimum temperature between stages.

The drain valve within the heat exchanger may be responsible for this, and if this is the case the drain valve or the heat exchanger will need to be expertly replaced.

Siemens dishwasher E22 error code

Blocked filters are the cause of this error code display – this could be due to food residue – making normal water drainage impossible. Dirt can also accumulate in other areas of the appliance and your technician will disconnect the dishwasher and make relevant checks to diagnose the source.

Siemens dishwasher E24 or E25 error code

A Siemens dishwasher not draining will cause this error code to display. The possible causes for this problem are the drain hose becoming blocked or damaged, or an issue with the drain pump. The pump may need to be removed for inspection and repaired or replaced.

Other reasons for your Siemens dishwasher water not draining could be due to a faulty level sensor, or an error or failure of the electronic board. Occasionally the impeller stops rotating due to poor rotor performance and this can affect the drainage operation.

Get professional help

So, you’ve completed your Siemens dishwasher troubleshooting and are unable to fix the problem. Simply get in touch with Siemens dishwasher repair London professionals who’ll carry out any task for you. You’ll be able to book your appointment online and be provided with a fast appliance repair service. Master technicians will ensure you’ll get repairs of the highest quality – and every one will come with a six months parts and labour guarantee.

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