What Do Samsung Ecobubble Fault Codes Mean?

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Samsung ecobubble technology is a feature designed to make laundry less of a chore. It mixes air, water, and detergent to cleverly create bubbles that wash your laundry at lower temperatures, helping to reduce energy bills.

When your washing machine starts to experience problems it will show a code on the digital display. What do Samsung ecobubble fault codes mean? Read on…

Samsung ecobubble fault codes

Samsung ecobubble faults include codes that start with a number or with a letter.

Number faults


This is a water level sensor issue that may require the resetting of your appliance. You’ll need to switch off the power at the mains and wait for one minute. Then switch the power back on and start a new programme. If this fails the sensor may be defective and need replacing.


When your washing machine suspects a faulty motor tacho this fault code will display. This device actually detects the speed of the washing machine motor and the error could be caused by the motor tacho itself, the main control module, or a circuit board fault.


Samsung ecobubble 4E warning can indicate that the water pressure is insufficient and that water flow from the tap isn’t releasing enough water per minute. The water tap needs to be opened fully and the water supply from the hose should be unobstructed. If the drain hose isn’t secured at the right height this will also cause this code to display as will a blocked filter.


Both of these codes indicate button issues. If any of the buttons are sticking you’ll need to disconnect the appliance from the mains and clean the buttons with a lightly dampened cloth. If this doesn’t fix the problem the keypad may need replacing.

Letter faults


When this code displays there’s a water temperature issue. You’ll need to check that the water hose is connected to a cold supply and not a hot supply. Bear in mind that the cold water connection is usually indicated by a blue tap.


This fault is a problem with the water heating which results in the water becoming too hot or too cold. Components that may cause this are the temperature sensor, thermistor, or heating element, any of which may be faulty and need repairing or replacing.


Samsung ecobubble SE code usually appears when the wash programme has finished and the rinse cycle should start. This error appears when your appliance can’t drain the water and can be caused by a blocked drain filter, an obstruction in the drain hose at the junction with the filter, or a drain pump malfunction.


This is the error code for an unbalanced load and your appliance is prevented from reaching fast spin speeds as this may damage your washing machine. The wash will need to be drained and ended and the load redistributed before trying the spin cycle again.

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Samsung ecobubble 8kg fault codes

The fault codes for the Samsung front-loader washing machine include:


If your washing machine won’t start the ds code may appear which indicates that the washing machine door is open and the lock is malfunctioning.


When this fault code displays it means that there’s a door lock error. When the door fails to unlock after seven tries this is the code that will appear. The wiring connections, door lock, and door switch will all need to be checked and if faulty, expertly replaced.


This means that there are too many suds that extend the length of the wash cycle and leaves clothes sticky and soiled from redeposited dirt. Use the correct amount of detergent to rectify this issue.


This is a main control board error that will require resetting by unplugging your washing machine for five minutes. If the code returns this means that the electronic control board will need replacing by a professional.

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