What Do Your Ariston Washing Machine Error Codes Mean?

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Ariston washing machines are available in a wide range of freestanding, built-in, and integrated styles with total washing capacities of up to 11kg.

The appliances also feature smart technologies that tackle even the toughest stains on clothing – digital motion, steam hygiene and refresh, and anti-stain cycles all contributing to a long-lasting performance with ultimate end results.

When your washing machine isn’t performing as it should the digital display will show an error code. What do your Ariston washing machine error codes mean? Read on…

Digital Display Codes

Ariston washing machine error codes start with a letter F and are followed by a number. For example, Ariston washing machine F05 error code indicates a waste pipe blockage or pump issue which will stop the door from opening and causes excess water to remain in the drum.

Ariston F13 error code is the sensing of a fault in the dryer temperature (with washer dryers only) and means that the washer-dryer is not actually drying the clothes.

More error codes are explained below:

  • F01 – an electronic circuit board fault preventing some or all functions from being selected
  • F02 – a motor circuit fault with no drum rotation or intermittent action during the wash cycle
  • F03 – a temperature sensor fault resulting in no heat on wash or dry settings
  • F04 – the pressure switch is locked on empty
  • F06 – a door lock fault that stops the door from opening or closing
  • F07 – a heating circuit or electronic circuit board fault that causes the pump to tun consistently and the machine not to heat
  • F08 – a heater fault that pauses the wash cycle partway through
  • F09 – a software fault meaning programmes can’t be selected
  • F10 – the pressure switch isn’t sensing correctly
  • F11 – a pump circuit failure affecting water remaining in the appliance
  • F12 – the washing machine won’t turn on with this electronic control fault
  • F14 – a faulty dryer element
  • F15 – the heater control fault isn’t heating the water or not drying during the drying cycle
  • F16 – the drum lock sensor position is faulty and won’t lock on top leading machines
  • F17 – the door won’t close properly pointing to an internal lock error
  • F18 – an internal data error causes all of the functions not to work

Other Ariston Washing Machine Error Codes

Depending on the model of your appliance Ariston washing machine fault codes may differ to the ones shown above. See more error codes here…

  • F20/21 – the thermistor resistance or the temperature scanning sequence is incorrect
  • F30/31 – a problem has occurred with the motor drive
  • F40 – the water level has fallen below the production level during a level of heating
  • F41 – the water level detected sequence is defective
  • F50/51 – the system is running on with default conditions as language and wash programmes have not been saved
  • H20 – no filling indicating issues with the tap, hose, or inlet valves

  • For a comprehensive range of error codes relating directly to your washing machine model, you should consult the manufacturers manual. Fault codes for models LCD EV01 and LCD EV02 washing machine and washer dryers can differ. And some models may have flashing LED codes showing:

  • LED 1 – a heater fault
  • LED 1 and 2 – an electronic fault
  • LED 1, 2 and 4 – a heater control fault

Get Help with Ariston Washing Machine Repairs

Error codes are simply a diagnostic aid to detect where the problem parts may be located. An Ariston washing machine repair London expert will quickly diagnose the fault and fix it for you. There’ll be no call-out charge, you can book your repair online, and all work comes with a six months part and labour guarantee. Your Ariston washing machine will soon be running as new.

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