What Does Heated Dry Mean On Dishwasher?

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Dishwashers can save money and water. And are a time-saving addition to any kitchen. They’re also hygienic and environmentally friendly. Without being mechanically complex they not only wash your dishes. But can dry them too. So, what does heated dry mean on a dishwasher? See here…

The Heated Drying Cycle

An electric heating element is used to heat the air intensively that is pumped through the dishwasher during this cycle. There’s a small exhaust fan located in the top of the dishwasher door. This extracts the moisture from the interior and pushes it out through the vents. In this way, the drying process is much faster.

Alternative dishwasher drying systems include a fan that blows the hot air around. Or an increase in water temperature near the end of the cycle. Air-drying your dishes can reduce your energy consumption. And finish the dishwasher cycle in a shorter time. A modern potential option is a dishwasher door that opens during the last 10 minutes of the cycle to let the moisture escape.

Improving Your Drying Performance

Look at a few tips that can boost the drying performance:

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Load the dishwasher with space between the dishes – this helps with air circulation which aids drying

Use the heat feature setting – adding heat during rinsing, washing, or drying will be of benefit

Add a rinse aid – this will prevent spotting and force water to sheet off dishes, enhancing the drying process

Empty the bottom rack first – this avoids spilling water from the top racks onto the lower contents

Slightly open the door – as the cycle finishes as this will allow any trapped moisture to escape

Energy Use and Speed

The heated dry cycle uses athttps://mixrepairs.co.uk/booking-form/ least 15% more energy than air-drying. This extra energy usage will certainly increase your electricity bill over time. Saying that, a dishwasher will save about six hours a week which relates to half the water usage of washing by hand. Using the heated dry setting will dry dishes faster as the intense heat evaporates any excess water. This cycle is quick. And dishes always come out clean.

Air-drying reduces energy consumption as the heating element isn’t used which will save money. The exhaust fan used for the air-drying cycle only consumes a minimal amount of energy compared to the heated dry option. However, the cycle is much longer. And the climate can actually affect the drying results.

Air drying sometimes results in water spots as the water evaporates slowly and may leave a residue behind. In this instance, you might need to finish off with a tea towel to get rid of the film. But this method saves energy.

Energy Saver Modes

New models of dishwasher often come with a heated drying option. And a no-heat or air-dry cycle too. Brands that have an Energy Star Certification will automatically have an air-dry feature to meet the criteria.

Eco-modes are a programme option that has a combination of settings to lower energy and water consumption. Higher temperatures mean better washing and drying. A dishwasher in eco mode will forego heating the dishes and utensils to dry them. And will allow them to air dry instead. Eco-mode has the lowest energy consumption with shorter, hotter programmes consuming between 20% and 30% more.

Sensors will detect the water and air temperature to prevent the dishwasher from overheating and damaging dishes.

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Need a Dishwasher Repair?

Look no further for a reputable appliance repair company. You’ll get a fully trained and qualified engineer to diagnose and fix any problems with your dishwasher drying cycle. And if your dishwasher isn’t heating or drying properly. Whatever the make or model. And there’s no call-out charge. Or time limit. And your repair will come with a six-month guarantee.

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