What Does Your Ariston Washing Machine F13 Error Code Mean?

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Error codes are simply a diagnostic tool that helps to determine what’s wrong when your washing machine is experiencing some sort of problem. This will trigger an error code which will be digitally displayed on the front panel – and will help you or your appliance repair technician identify the fault.

Each code indicates a different issue with your appliance with Ariston washing machine error codes starting with the letter F followed by a number. What does your Ariston washing machine F13 error code mean? Read on to find out more…

Ariston Washing Machine Fault Codes

Ariston F13 Error Code

This is a dryer temperature sensing fault on washer dryers only. When this component fails it means that the clothes won’t dry. Most washer dryers have a thermostat or heat sensor that monitors the temperature of the air inside the drum. This allows the clothes to dry effectively without the dryer overheating.

Once the air temperature reaches the level required the heater will be shut off by the control panel. When more heat is needed the panel will automatically turn the heater on again. If heating problems start to be experienced the thermistor will need to be tested with a multimeter.

In order to carry out a repair the dryer heater assembly needs to be accessed. Moreover, knowledge of electrical connections is required to ensure safe removal and reconnection of the new sensor. Other parts that may need assessing include the electricity supply and thermal fuses, and the housing on the heating element and blower.

Additional Error Code Data

Ariston F05 Error Code

Ariston washing machine F05 error code points to a waste pipe blockage or pump issue. When this happens, the door may not open at all. Alternatively, the door will open but water stays inside the drum.

The pressure switch identifies how much water is in the washing machine – communicating with the control board that the appliance has been emptied or filled. When the pressure reaches a critical point the switch shuts off the water flow. When the pressure switch becomes jammed other issues may be related such as:

  • Damage to the hose – pressure switch hoses normally have an extra protective sleeve on them and general wear and tear can cause problems with refilling as the pressure switch is unable to identify how much water is in the system.
  • Water continues to be siphoned away – often the drain hose is set too low and this causes problems with the pressure switch leaving the drum half-filled with water.
  • The washing machine won’t spin – as the appliance still thinks it’s full of water due to the pressure switch malfunctioning it won’t start the spin cycle.

A Brief Guide to Ariston Flashing LED Codes

The flashing LED’s on your Ariston washing machine work in sequential order. See what these error code lights mean below:

  • LED 1 and F08 indicate a heater fault
  • LED 1 and 2 and F12 show an electronic control fault
  • LED 1, 2, 3 & 4 and F15 points to a heater control fault on washer dryers
  • LED 2 & 3 and F06 relate to a door lock fault
  • LED 2,3, & 4 and F07 mean the electronic circuit board or heating circuit are faulty

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