What Is the Correct Temperature For Your Samsung Fridge?

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Samsung fridges offer performance and storage combined. With No Frost features that maintain an even temperature and prevent ice build-up and all-around cooling that monitors temperature fluctuation throughout the cabinet – food stays fresher and safely stored.

So, what is the correct temperature for a fridge? Read on to find out more about food storage tips to keep you healthy – and Samsung fridge temperature control …

Ideal Temperature Settings

Your Samsung fridge temperature setting should be 3 degrees Celsius. For your freezer, the optimum setting is -18 degrees Celsius. Samsung double door refrigerator temperature settings should also be ideally set at 3 degrees Celsius for the fridge and -18 degrees Celsius for the freezer.

Temperature Controls

Your Samsung refrigerator temperature control may be touch-sensitive where you simply press the fridge and freezer settings rather than the numbers. Pressing repeatedly will cycle you through the available temperature settings.

On some models, the controls will be labelled Fridge Temp and Freezer Temp – when the temperature setting you want is displayed leave the button alone. If you miss the required Samsun fridge temperature setting press the button repeatedly until the settings cycle through once more.

Samsung fridge temperature settings 1-7 indicate how cold the fridge will be. The higher the number set the colder the fridge will maintain. Samsung fridge settings normally range from one to five with number one being the least cool setting, and number five the coldest. When your fridge is full you need to select a number four setting – which can be reduced to a number three if stocks are low.

Basic Storage Guide

Keeping foods chilled at proper temperatures will prevent the growth of any bacteria which can cause foodborne illness. Fridge thermometers are an ideal way of checking temperatures and ensuring they’re correctly set. You should also:

  • Refrigerate or freeze perishable food immediately. Only leave food out of the fridge for a maximum of two hours – never letting meat, poultry, or seafood to sit for longer. This rule also applies to take-out food and leftovers.
  • Check storing instructions on the labels as many foods need to be kept cold – particularly after opening. Refrigerated ready to eat options need to be consumed by the recommended date.
  • Any food that looks or smells unpleasant should be thrown out of the fridge straight away. Listeria – a bacterium that causes illness – can quickly begin to grow. Mould can also grow even when food is refrigerated, simply throw any mouldy food away.
  • Keep raw foods separate from ready to eat meals, and always follow safe food handling practices by frequently washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces with recommended non-toxic sanitising products.

Bear in mind that foodborne illness can make you extremely unwell, and you may not have even noticed that the food is bad. This is because there are many pathogenic organisms present in raw or undercooked meat and on fruit and vegetables. The preventative method is to always keep these foods properly chilled at the right temperature.

Fridge Maintenance Tips

  • Clean your fridge regularly and wipe any spills immediately – this will reduce any bacterial growth
  • Clean the fridge out frequently
  • Store refrigerated foods in covered containers and check for spoilage ongoing
  • Check expiration dates and if the food looks questionable don’t use it
  • Marinate food in the fridge as bacteria can quickly multiply at room temperature

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