What to do when your Bosch washing machine stops working

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It’s problematic when your Bosch washing machine stops working. It can throw a spanner in the works by delaying your schedule and plans. Luckily, there are some common Bosch washing machine problems that you can resolve quite effortlessly on your own.

Common faults with Bosch washing machines

Here are some of the most often seen issues and their related solutions. 


  • The washing machine stops midway through a programme

This means that your Bosch washing machine is not filling with enough water. In order to resolve this problem, check whether the water fill hose is not kinked or blocked. 


  • The washing machine is not filling with water

This is a clear signal that the unit is not draining properly. You are advised to check that the waste water hose is not kinked or blocked. 


  • The washing machine is not heating the water sufficiently

If your unit stops during the first 30 minutes of a programme or thereabouts, it may have detected that the water is not being heated up sufficiently or at all. This will be accompanied by an error code that you should check your owner’s manual for as every model will require a different approach. 


  • The washing machine is not spinning

This could be caused by a number of different factors. These include an unbalanced load, a dirty pump filter, a blocked drain, a broken tub bearing, damaged stator assembly, drum bearings, a worn out basket drive or the “no final spin” setting was selected. To sort out the unbalanced load, simply rearrange the laundry by removing additional pieces of clothing to reduce the weight on the drum or spread out laundry evenly for a more effective spin cycle. This is a common Bosch washing machine weight sensor problem. 

Regarding a dirty or blocked drain, you need to clean the drain pump. To do this, turn off the water supply and disconnect the unit from the power supply. Open and remove the service flap and then drain the water. NOTE: Be careful when doing this as the water may be hot. Next, unscrew the pump cover and clean the interior. Reattach all the parts back in place, switch on the water and power supply and start the cycle again. The rest of the parts need to be checked and replaced by a technician. 


  • The washing machine has detected a leak

You need to check the drain pump and clear it of all obstructions. If it is cracked or damaged, your only option is to replace it. This problem will require the services of a trained professional. You should also check the drum seals, water supply valves or hoses, water pump and tub bearings for damage or breaks. In that event, you will need to have them replaced. Other causes of leaks are a door latch that’s not closed properly or pouring too much detergent in or an inappropriate detergent. Finally, check that the machine is level and flat on the ground. 


  • The washing machine is not draining water away

This is caused by the appliance overheating. You will see an error code. The main issue is likely to be the drain pump. You should try to clear all the blockages and if there is a leak, the part will need to be replaced. You should also clean the unit’s filter on a regular basis to avoid the formation of any debris. 


  • The Bosch washing machine has no power and no lights

Check whether the plug is properly connected to the socket and that the switch is set to “on”. Once done, it is advisable to connect another small appliance such as a lamp to see if the socket is providing power. 


  • The washing machine beeps but doesn’t start

If you are wondering why does my Bosch washing machine beep and not start, the answer could be that you’ve pressed the start button too long, which means that it will not start any programme. Switch off the unit and press the start button once again while holding it in place for one to two seconds. 


  • The washing machine door doesn’t open

If one of the issues you’re encountering is that your Bosch washing machine problems mean your door won’t open, you should simply press and hold the start button for three to five seconds. You should hear a beep after this which will unlock the door and the key symbol will disappear. You can also unlock the door by holding the “rpm” and the “finished in” buttons together until you hear a beep. The key or lock symbol should disappear then and you should be able to open the door.  


Bottom line

There are some quick and easy fixes for your Bosch washing machine and in most cases, the solution is quite simple. However, for part replacement or for more complicated repairs, it’s highly recommended that you consult an experienced professional. Get in touch with us at Mix Repairs to offer you long-lasting results and solutions and save you on added costs.

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