What Would Cause A Refrigerator To Stop Getting Cold?

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The process of refrigeration means you can store food at a lower temperature. Keeping it fresh without spoiling for days or even months. We take our fridges for granted to do this job on a daily basis. So, finding a warm fridge can be your worst nightmare! What would cause a refrigerator to stop getting cold? Read on…


Defective Compressor

A fridge compressor running but not cooling indicates that the compressor itself is faulty. The compressor takes the refrigerant from a low-pressure cool vapour to a high pressure hot one. The heat then moves through the condenser and turns into high pressure liquid.

Flowing through the evaporator coil cools the liquid until it evaporates back to a low-pressure vapour. Without a fully functioning compressor this cycle won’t even begin.


Frozen Evaporator Coils

If frost is allowed to accumulate on the evaporating coils it can stop the circulating fan from drawing air over them. Poor cooling will continue until the ice is removed by appropriate defrosting methods.


Cracked Seals

If the fridge door won’t fully close the gaskets around the door may be the reason. Over time these seals can dry and crack. And then the cool air from within the fridge can escape. If the seals won’t hold the door firmly in place they may need to be replaced.


Adjusted Temperature Control

It’s very easy to accidentally move the temperature control and this will affect the setting. Use a fridge thermometer to ensure your reading is 4 degrees Celsius or below.


Broken Evaporator Fan

The fan motor may be obstructed causing the refrigerator not to cool. If the fan is very noisy this is another cause for concern. Cutting out also indicates a problem with the motor which is essential in the circulation of cool air. Testing with a multimeter will confirm whether the motor will need to be repaired or replaced.


Inoperative Condenser Fan Motor

The fridge won’t cool properly if the condenser fan isn’t working. It may become obstructed. Or a defect in the fan blades may prevent it from releasing hot air and causing it to stay inside the fridge.


Dirty Condenser Coils

If the condenser coils are coated in dust, dirt, or pet hairs they can obstruct the heat flow out of the coils. This means that any heat produced will remain inside the fridge and reduces the cooling process.


Non-Functioning Defrost System

Frost free fridges have automatic defrost programmes that control cooling and defrosting. If the timer fails this can cause excessive ice build-up on the evaporator coils. If the heater is faulty this will also reduce the cool air flow inside the fridge.


Faulty Start Relay

This small device found near to the compressor helps the compressor to start up. If it doesn’t work then the cooling process won’t start at all. And the refrigerant won’t be circulated through the condenser and evaporator coils.


Damaged Thermistor

This is a sensor that controls the start and stop of the cooling cycle. So, controlling the air temperature inside the fridge. If the sensor is broken there are two end results here: the air is continuously cooled. Or the fridge doesn’t cool at all.


Time for Expert Help

When your refrigerator is running but not cooling you may need to get professional help. Search for a trusted company that provides you with same and next day bookings. And who have trained and qualified engineers to carry out your repairs. Get a quote before your work begins. And a six-month parts and labor guarantee after the job is done.

Whatever the make or model of your fridge any cooling issues will soon be diagnosed and fixed.


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