Which CDA Washing Machine Fault Codes Require Repair Services?

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A CDA washing machine will have a range of features to make doing the laundry less of a chore. From variable wash temperatures and spin speeds to speedy 15 minute quick washes, this appliance is designed for medium-sized households.


CDA washing machine fault codes

CDA washing machine error codes will display as the diagnostic system intervenes in the event of a fault. Here are some common failure codes:

CDA washing machine fault code C03

This indicates that your appliance is unable to spin dry. Scroll down to the machine won’t spin section for a more detailed review.

CDA washing machine error code F02

This is a problem related to your appliance being unable to drain. Look at the machine won;r drain section below to find out more information.

CDA washing machine error code F04

This is a heating error that will need fixing by a professional. It can be due to the selected heating temperature not being achieved, due to a faulty heating element or defective electronic control board.

CDA washing machine fault code F07

This is typically a motor error and you’ll need to disconnect your appliance and close the water tap before contacting your appliance repairers.

CDA washing machine troubleshooting

The machine won’t start

There are many reasons for this issue including a damaged fuse, a fault with the power supply, power socket, or power switch, or a problem with the door not being able to lock. Any electrical issues should be dealt with and resolved by a qualified electrician.

The machine won’t fill with water

If the water pressure is too low this will prevent your appliance from filling, as will a water supply failure. Other checks will need to be made on the inlet hose for damage or obstruction and the water inlet valve will also need to be inspected. If the door can’t be closed securely this will also affect the washing machine’s ability to fill. All of these issues can be quickly dealt with by an experienced repair technician.

The machine won’t drain

The drain hose is often the culprit here as this can become obstructed or kinked preventing the water from leaving your machine. Other problems can be related to the drain pump which may be defective or the pump filter that can become blocked. Drain hose installation may also be an issue if the specified height is exceeded. A trained repair technician can diagnose and resolve any of these difficulties.

The machine won’t spin

This may simply be due to an unbalanced load that you can deal with by adding or taking away clothes to meet the recommended load requirements. If the problem persists this can be caused by a broken drive belt or a burnt-out motor which will need expert attention.

The machine is vibrating

If your washing machine is new you’ll need to ensure that all the transit bolts have been removed and that your appliance has been positioned on a level surface. Incorrect load weights can cause this problem and this isn’t a fault, you simply need to check the load capacity and make sure the clothes are loaded evenly.

Get CDA washing machine repair in London

Booking a CDA washing machine repair is easy. All you have to do is get a quick quote and then select a convenient time for your fully qualified and highly trained repair engineer to arrive! You’ll get a comprehensive service that automatically comes with a six months parts and labour guarantee.

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