Whirlpool 6th Sense Washing Machine Problems And Solutions

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A Whirlpool 6th Sense washing machine has many sensory features including speedy 30-minute wash programmes, and seam settings to eliminate bacteria. Using a unique technique to defect dirt and measure soil levels during the wash process adjustments are made to the water level, spin speed, and cycle length.


Whirlpool 6th Sense washing machine troubleshooting

Washing machine won’t spin

This is a common Whirlpool 6th Sense washing machine problem and can be related to the lid switch assembly which stops the appliance from spinning when the lid is open. If this part is defective your washing machine won’t spin.

Other issues may lie with the drive belt which can become loose or break, and the motor coupling which connects the motor to the washing machine transmission. A failing motor coupling will protect both the motor and the transmission resulting in no spinning.

Defective components such as the door latch, door lock motor and switch assembly, the clutch, bearings, and drive motor can all contribute to prevent spinning. If the motor control board is faulty your washing machine won’t spin, or may not function at all.

Bear in mind that the built-in feature that prevents your washing machine from spinning with an unbalanced load will display a flashing indicator light that warns you if this is the cause.

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Washing machine won’t drain

When small objects get caught in the drain pump and obstruct the workings this can result in your appliance not draining. If the drain pump is damaged it will need replacing. Alternative reasons can lie with the drain hose becoming kinked or blocked, or the water pump belt wearing excessively.

The door lock, door strike, and door lock motor and switch assembly if not functioning properly can all contribute to your washing machine not draining. As can the lid switch assembly that stops the washing machine from spinning when the lid is open resulting in no draining.

Remember that if the rinse hold or crease care options are selected this will cause your washing machine to be held in the final rinse state programme. If you need to reset your Whirlpool 6th Sense washing machine locate the reset button on the console, push and hold for around 10 seconds and your machine will beep once the reset is complete. Pressing the start button will confirm that you want to reset.

Washing machine won’t fill

If your washing machine fills very slowly or not at all the cause could be the water inlet valve which lets the water into the appliance. If the water pressure is too low this can also affect the function as the water inlet valve requires at least 20 psi to work properly.

Whirlpool 6th Sense washing machine fault codes

Whirlpool 6th Sense washing machine faults will be displayed digitally and each error code relates to a specific fault. See examples below:

  • F01: an electronic circuit fault
  • F03: a temperature sensing fault
  • F05: waste pipe blockage or pump issue
  • F06: a door lock fault
  • F07: a heating circuit or electronic circuit board fault
  • F08: a heater fault
  • F09: a software fault
  • F11: a pump circuit fault
  • F12: an electronic control fault
  • F13: washer dryer temperature sensing fault
  • F15: washer dryer heater control fault
  • F16: top-loading drum lock position sensor fault
  • F18: internal data error
  • F19: washer dryer fan motor or heating fault.

If your error code isn’t displayed as above you’ll need to consult your manufacturer’s manual.

Hassle-free repairs

Whirlpool 6th Sense washing machine repair in London can easily be arranged. All you need to do is select your appliance model and you’ll be able to get a quick quote for the work carried out. Your fully qualified and trained technician will quickly diagnose and resolve any issues and every repair comes with a six-month quality guarantee.

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