Whirlpool Fridge Freezer Problems And Troubleshooting

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Whirlpool 6th sense technology maintains the best storage temperatures for your food – and only cools your fridge freezer when it’s necessary. Making the best of energy efficiency as the system blows chilled air around the interior of the fridge for optimum results.

Whirlpool American styles incorporate frost-free equipment, open door and temperature alarms, and digital displays to easily check your settings. So, what happens when your appliance isn’t working as it should? Look at a range of Whirlpool American fridge freezer problems and troubleshooting here…

Whirlpool American fridge freezer not cooling

The most frequent causes for your fridge freezer not cooling are:

  • Dirty or frozen condenser coils – resulting in an ineffective distribution of heat making the fridge work harder to cool down
  • Defective condenser fan motor – as the fan motor draws air through the condenser foils if it gets obstructed the blade won’t spin freely – and this may need replacing
  • Evaporator fan motor – if this isn’t working cold air won’t be circulated to the fridge compartment but the freezer remains cold

  • Other issues that present Whirlpool American fridge freezer problems include:

  • A faulty start relay – this can result in the compressor working intermittently or not at all
  • Non-functioning temperature control thermostat – preventing the refrigerant system from running
  • Broken temperature control board – if voltage isn’t being sent to the compressor and fan motors the cooling system won’t work

All of these issues can be easily rectified by an experienced appliance repair technician.

Whirlpool American fridge freezer clicking noises

Whirlpool American style fridge freezer problems can include a clicking noise coming from the appliance. And this is often accompanied by a flashing display of two dashes. These are the most common symptoms of faulty capacitors.

The run capacitor is part of the fridge freezers start relay. It powers up the compressor – this heat turns the capacitor on – and cools down the fridge freezer.

The front control board forms part of the control panel. If this is defective the water supply will be affected and the user board may need to be replaced. Both these components can be tested and repaired or replaced by a professional.

Whirlpool 6th Sense fridge freezer troubleshooting also covers:

Whirlpool fridge freezer ice or water build-up

Whirlpool fridge freezer troubleshooting for ice or water build up points to the defrost drain system. The water collection pan is located directly beneath the evaporator – and leading from the drain hole is a drain tube. If the drain backs up it won’t freeze the evaporator and the collection pan will fill and freeze over.

Drain pan heaters prevent the defrost water from re-freezing and blocking the defrost drain hole. When these heaters aren’t working properly it has the same effect – a build-up of ice. A qualified repair engineer will be able to determine the source of the fault and repair or replace the relevant faulty components.

Whirlpool fridge freezer is noisy

Whirlpool fridge freezer fault finding for this problem consists of testing the fan blades – the evaporator or the condenser fan blades may be at fault. Obstructions can cause the blade to rub or grind. And fam motor bearings may be defective.

The compressor might have suffered internal damage – components can wear out over time and generate a loud noise. The water inlet valve is electronically controlled – opening to supply water to the refrigerator dispenser and icemaker. When mineral deposits accumulate in the valve it can restrict the water flow resulting in a loud noise. This may need expertly replacing.

Getting Your Fridge Freezer Repaired

Whirlpool fridge freezer repair London technicians will quickly and efficiently diagnose the cause of your problems. And provide you with a comprehensive repair service that carries a six months parts and labour guarantee. Your Whirlpool fridge freezer problems will be completely resolved.

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