Why Is My Oven Smoking?

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If you don’t clean your oven on a regular basis you’ll find that a greasy residue will build up and every time you put the oven on it gives out an unpleasant smelly smoke! There are other reasons why you may have a smoking oven problem so read on to find out more…

Brand new ovens

It’s actually quite normal for a new oven to smoke a little the first few times you use it. This is due to the heat burning away the protective oil layer that was applied during the manufacturing process. It’s sometimes called a burn-in period and you may be advised to use the oven without any food in it to get rid of the residue. After a short space of time, the smell and the smoke should be eliminated.

Clean Ovens

It’s very frustrating when you find that your newly cleaned oven smokes! This is caused by chemical cleaning residues being left behind and burning off as the temperature in the oven increases. The smoke is quite unhealthy and can irritate your eyes when you open the door. You need to make sure the cleaning solutions are thoroughly removed before you use your oven again after cleaning it.

Older Ovens

Why is my oven smoking? Too much grime and grease is the main culprit here – splattered residues on the floor and walls of the oven cook alongside the food, often causing oven smoking while baking! If you’ve grilled fatty cuts of meat or left remnants of takeaways on the oven racks particles will fall onto the oven floor and turn to ash emitting a cloud of smoke.

Self-Cleaning Ovens

You need to follow the manual guide instructions to prevent an accumulation of grease and food residues that result in an ashy smoke. Allow the full cycle to run to reduce the debris and get rid of any ash with a damp sponge. Remember that during this high-temperature clean food bits may ignite, but don’t attempt to put out the flames, just let the cycle finish before you open the door.

Why is there smoke coming from the back of the oven?

The most common cause for the back of your oven smoking is food bits burning on the heating element or on the oven floor.

Why is my electric oven smoking?

An electric oven smoking can be due to a failing heating element which can result in a large build-up of excess heat that can short circuit your oven and produce smoke. You can test the heating element by turning your oven off and back on again. After about 15 minutes the heating element should glow red, if not you’ll need to book an oven repair.

Why is my gas oven smoking?

Smoke coming from the oven, in this case, could indicate that the gas pressure is too high. This results in overfeeding of the flame that heats your gas oven, causing it to enlarge and emit smoke as it reaches the upper temperature.

Why does my oven smoke when roasting?

No matter what you cook you’re bound to get some unwanted residues left in your oven. This often happens when you’re cooking uncovered meat that has a high percentage of fat. Airbourne grease particles gather along the walls and the bottom of your oven and over time will burn and create smoke. Bear in mind that an excessive amount of fat can splatter and cause a flame.


Why is smoke coming out of the stovetop when the oven is on?

Your electric oven may emit smoke because of dirty burners which may have food residue or grease on them. Sometimes you may not even be able to see these particles which will release smoke when the stovetop is on.

Why is my oven smoking after cleaning?

Another type of chemical residue that can cause your oven to smoke may be leftover cleaning products. Foaming sprays will leave residues that tend to burn up when the oven is on and create smoke. Make sure that you avoid this happening by thoroughly wiping down the walls, floor, and ceiling of the oven after using any chemical cleaning products.

Why is my oven smoking while preheating?

If your oven smokes when turned on this could be due to leftover food remains from a previous cooking session. Excess liquid or food that has overflowed or fallen when cooking can burn up on the hot oven floor and accumulation of cooking grease will cause smoking as your oven reaches the set temperature.

How to clean your oven by hand

There are many cleaning solutions on the market to choose from – try a toxic-free option for an environmentally healthy clean! Harsh chemicals can irritate your eyes and skin so keep the windows open and wear protective clothing.

Spray the product onto the walls and floor of the oven and wait for the recommended time. Use a sponge to wipe off the residue, and rinse with clear water to get rid of all chemical deposits. Ammonia is an organic way to clean your oven – soak a rag and leave it for 30 minutes inside the oven before rinsing with clean water.

How to clean a smoking oven


Look at a few takeaway tips to help with cleaning your smoking oven:

Burn off any factory coatings

To do this let it cool completely after any cooking and set the oven to “bake” at the manufacturers recommended burn-in temperature, for the recommended duration. Once you’ve completed this process there should no longer be any smoke issues whin using your new oven.

Remove baked-on food remnants

When your oven is cool remove any visible food residues and manually clean the oven preferably with natural agents like white vinegar and baking soda to remove grease and splatters from the oven roof, walls, and floor.

Wipe away cleaner residues

As smoking can be the result of residues left from cleaning your oven with a commercial cleaning solvent you should use a damp rag to remove any excess. This will prevent your oven from burning off these residues and emitting smoke. Remember that you mustn’t use chemical cleaners on self-cleaning ovens as this can damage the enamel lining.

Minimising smoking issues

  • Clean your oven as soon as you can after cooking fatty foods
  • Place a small catchment tray under the food being cooked
  • Place the rack further away from the element

Need the experts?

If you’ve followed all the rules and still got a smoking oven you may want to consider calling in the professionals! Oven repairs North London can be easily searched for online. You’ll get a company that specialises in domestic appliance fixes and provide a quality service with a quick and efficient response time. Technicians will all be fully trained, and have the skills and experience to repair a whole range of ovens. Your repair will also come with a six-month guarantee!

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