Why Is My Samsung Fridge Not Making Ice?

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Samsung fridge freezers have extra internal capacity without compromising energy efficiency. And all-around cooling makes sure that every compartment and shelf stays chilled. LED lighting is durable and efficient. And no-frost features maintain an even temperature saving the hassle of defrosting.

But even with all this modern technology, things can sometimes go wrong with your fridge freezer with ice dispenser. A frequently asked question is why is my Samsung fridge not making ice? See your answer here…

Diagnosing the Fault

Remember that a new installation can take up to 24 hours to make ice. If your fridge freezer with ice dispenser has stopped working there are a number of possible reasons why:

  • Limited water supply

  • The icemaker will be unable to work properly if it’s not getting enough water. You can check the water line supplying the water for kinks. And test the icemaker itself by pouring water into the mould and wait for a couple of hours. If the ice had formed this’ll confirm there’s not a fault with the unit itself.

    The water inlet valve may be broken which would also prevent water from getting in. After unplugging the appliance locate the valve to see if it has become blocked or damaged in any way.

  • Incorrect temperature setting

  • A properly functioning ice maker works at a temperature between 0 and eight degrees. If the freezer temperature reaches 10 degrees the ice production will stop. You can adjust the thermostat to the correct temperature if that’s the cause. If this is set and the ice still won’t form it could be due to a faulty heater. If the bottom of the icemaker feels warm this may be the culprit. And you’ll need an engineer to fix it.

    If the thermostat is set too low the water will freeze before it can actually get to the mould. Use the manufactures manual to set the advised temperature.

  • Defective waterline

  • If you find a frozen waterline, you’ll need to disconnect the fridge freezer and turn off the water supply. You can thaw the line with a carefully positioned hairdryer. Or you can fill a container with warm water and slowly pour it over the line. Leaving the fridge freezer unplugged for several hours to defrost it is another option. After the power is turned back on you should be able to hear the water running into the icemaker. If the water is discoloured, you’ll need expert help.

  • Blocked filter

  • Another common problem with a Samsung fridge freezer not working is a clogged filter. After locating the filters as described in the manufacturer’s guide book, you can clean or replace them as necessary.

  • Stuck feeler arm

  • Feeler arms are positioned above the ice bin. And are safety features that make sure your icemaker will stop working if the bin is full. If the arm is in a raised position the unit won’t work. If the bin is only partially full gently lower the arm to activate the icemaker. This may have caused the pause feature to become enabled so check that out too.

  • Leaking unit

  • The ice maker may be actually making ice but the ice could be leaking into the freezer. Or onto the floor. You’ll need to check that the fridge freezer is perfectly level. And that the icemaker is on a level platform too. Make sure that the fill cup is perfectly aligned with the water funnel as that can cause leaking issues. If the leak increases, you’ll need a specialist to diagnose and fix the problem.

    Get a Samsung Fridge Repair Quote

    When you have Samsung fridge freezer problems simply contact the professionals. Trusted appliance repair technicians will come on the same day if you’ve got an emergency. And without any call-out charges. Highly trained local experts will soon have your fridge freezer working like new.

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