Why Is My Samsung Top Load Washer Not Spinning?

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With a Samsung top loading washing machine, you can do more laundry in less time. LED touch controls located in the centre of the door are easy to use. Without bending or stretching. Dual wash features offer a one-stop solution to pre-treat stains. And hand-wash delicate fabrics.

The larger capacity means fewer loads. And increased filter sizes make trapping lint and fluff ultra-effective. Sounds good? Unfortunately, there can be some issues even with modern technology. Look at a selection of Samsung washing machine problems here

Spinning Problems

Why is my Samsung top loader washer not spinning? This frequently asked question can be due to several reasons. It’s often a case of the washing machine becoming unbalanced due to an uneven load. If a dc error code appears you can cancel the cycle or simply let it end. Then reposition the load and re-spin.

If the washer still won’t spin you can perform a Master Reset. If this fails to solve the problem there may be an issue with the suspension. Wear and tear on this area can cause the spin cycle not to function properly. And if the appliance isn’t level this can also lead to spinning difficulties.

Switches and Valves

Top loading washing machines with defective lid switches will also cause the spin cycle not to start. Faulty lid switches won’t turn the agitator. The switch will need to be removed for examination keeping the wires attached. Followed by testing with a digital multimeter. The switch should have continuity when the lid is closed and none when the lid is open.

When your washing machine pumps the water out but still won’t spin this could be due to the water level control valve or pressure switch. The plastic hose leading to the valve can become blocked. The switch may be visibly burned or cracked and need replacing.

Belts and Motors

The washer drive belt connects the drive motor to the transmission. Belts can become loose, worn, or even break. If the belt appears to be in good condition it may just need tightening. Samsung washer motor problems can include a defective glide on the motor itself which isn’t able to move as designed.

When clothes won’t spin dry if you lift the lid during the spinning cycle, and the tub isn’t spinning the cause may be a damaged motor coupling. Or this could be due to a faulty motor pulley. The pulley should turn in both the agitate and spin positions. When something prevents the wash tub from turning this can cause the belt on the pulley to slip and affect the spin.

Pumps and Hoses

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If the water pump is blocked or broken this could result in a non-spinning cycle. And will need to be looked at by an appliance repair technician. Drain hoses can become folded or kinked and this will add to spinning distress. This affects the ability of the appliance to drain water from the drum.

Miscellaneous Complications

Couplings, the motor control board, the timer, and mechanical issues can all affect the spin cycle. And some models may have an interlock or failsafe that prevents the spin cycle working if it detects another issue in the system. This is known as out of balance protection and may come into operation when small loads are washed in a large capacity drum.

Get Professional Help

When you need a Samsung washing machine repair simply call in the experts. Only fully trained and qualified engineers will carry out your work. There’s no call-out charge. And every repair will come with a six-month parts and labour guarantee. Your Samsung top loading washer issue will be swiftly diagnosed and quickly fixed.

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