Your Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

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If your Bosch washing machine starts experiencing operating issues it’s helpful to understand the Bosch washing machine error codes. These may be a series of letters and numbers or LED lights that relate to a specific fault. Depending on your model codes may differ slightly and in this case, you should refer to your manufacturer manual for additional guidelines.


Bosch error codes

Error code F01

This is an issue with filling and can be caused by a water intake timeout, a water tap turned off, blocked filters low water pressure, or a faulty Aquastop inlet hose.

Error code F02

When your appliance isn’t reaching the correct temperature this could be due to a heater timeout, faulty heater, or defective wiring.

Error code F03

This fault code will appear when your washing machine is unable to drain. This could be due to a drain out timeout, a faulty or obstructed pump, a water level problem or issues with the pressure switch. For more information and professional appliance repair services, you can always call Mix Repairs or book online with our quick and easy to use booking form. 

Error code F04

A faulty motor may result in the programme not starting or finishing.

Error code F05

When your appliance won’t spin this can be an issue with worn carbon brushes, a washing machine belt that’s come away from the pulley, or a faulty motor control module.

Error Code F06

A short circuit on the NTC has been detected – this is the connection between the sensor and the heater element.

Error code F07

An open circuit on the NTC has been detected here with the NTC possibly being faulty.

Error code F08

If the door is open when the programme starts this will disable your appliance. A door problem may be connected to the door interlock or the latching mechanism not working properly.

Error code F09

Bosch washing machine error code

E09 will display when unexpected heating is detected.

Error Code F10

This is a communication error. Error Code

Error code F11

When this code displays it means that there’s an overheating sink or motor control problem.

Error code F12

A short circuit or faulty motor will cause this error code to display.

Error code F13

The mains voltage has been detected as being too high.

Error code F14

The mains voltage has been detected as being too low.

Error Code F15

This fault code will require the services of a qualified engineer.

Error code F16

Your washing machine has detected an open door and this can be caused by a door interlock issue where the component fails and the door won’t shut properly or remain securely closed.

Error Code F17

This indicates that the water supply time has been exceeded and the tap needs to be checked to ensure it’s open. This is often an inlet valve problem where the machine can’t fill with water as the valve is faulty.

Error Code F18

Bosch washing machine error E18 means that the pump time has been exceeded and is a common problem. Bosch washing machine error 18 may be rectified with a restart, although if the issue is with a faulty pump or module this won’t be effective.

Error code F19

The heating time has been exceeded.

Error code F20

This code also signifies unexpected heating has been detected and a reset may resolve the issue.

Error code F21

This code is specifically related to troubles with the motor.

Error Code F23

The Aquastop has been activated.

Error code F25

A turbidity sensor fault is detected.

Error Code F26

This signifies an analogue pressure sensor fault.

Error Code F27

This is a pressure sensor fault.

Error Code F28

This fault is a defective sensor flow.

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